22 May

‘Don’t look back in anger…’

Today we come together in our place. Spring Brook Academy on Dean Street in Manchester. Today we remember the 22. Today we are thankful that we can be together.

Our students have spent today making, thinking and remembering those less fortunate than themselves. Look at the wonderful wooden items the students have made. Kaiden and Jayden worked in the workshop making these lovely items in memory of the lost.

It never ceases to amaze us how selfless and caring our boys and girls are here at Spring Brook.

We always talk about our Spring Brook family and togetherness. At 2.30pm we gathered together on the field to remember….


This is the place.

We should give something back.

Always remember.

Never forget.

Forever Manchester.

Choose love.

From the students and staff at Spring Brook Academy, Miss Rodgers and Mrs Tootill
22nd May 2018