14 Jul

On Monday, 11 pupils from Spring Brook Upper visited Challenge 4 Change  with Mr Molloy to take part in their ‘Team-mates not Inmates’ programme. The group started the day by completing ground level teambuilding challenges..

They then received a presentation from Dean who now works for Challenge 4 Change and were surprised to hear about his past life when he was involved in gangs and crime and had several stints in various prisons..

The Challenge 4 Change facility has a full mock prison cell and Chris, one of the directors and a former Prison Officer, told his story so the pupils got to see both sides of the spectrum..

The day concluded with a 10m high-wire adventure where the group had to conquer their fears and support each other to complete an obstacle course which included tight ropes, swinging platforms and climbing walls..

The team building visit was a brilliant day and a real success – although it was hard hitting and took the group out of their comfort zone, they embraced the challenge and have even asked if they can go again!