18 Jun

Our determined Silver DofE group set off for their qualifying expedition on Monday morning. Mr Hopkins sent us an update last night..

Day 1 finished in the most horrendous weather – 20km from Snake Pass over Bleaklow then down into Tintwistle..

..before coming back up to Swineshaw to camp at the Scout campsite..

We quickly rigged up a shelter to have a fire under and enjoy the evening..

It was worth the walk down the hill to get a great view of Manchester in the sunset..

Here’s to a better weather forecast for day 2!

We’ll let you know how they get on (and hopefully it won’t involve too much rain!)

Day 2 Update

Day 2 of our Spring Brook Silver Expedition has gone really well, super tough but really well. Another 11km hike down from the top of the Swineshaw Lodge Scout campsite through Hollingsworth, Broadbottom and its ruined mills and along the Cown Edge Way to Boarfold Scout campsite.

The weather has been amazing – much needed after getting so wet yesterday but unfortunately the rain has just started again…

Onwards and upwards to a final night and a last trek tomorrow for Day 3.