20 Dec

Here at Spring Brook Upper we’ve had a great half term in PE to finish the decade!! The pupils have been learning trampolining which is always a big favourite at school.

I love teaching trampolining as it is an amazing activity in many respects. It teaches confidence, resilience, trust, communication, turn taking, coaching, patience and many other life skills, as well as developing the physical body in flexibility, strength and cardiovascular performance. Progress on the trampoline is easy to see in skill development and also the pupils get to learn all sorts of new English vocabulary and investigate physics (through inertia, rotation and momentum) as well as Maths (through working out routine tariffs and exploring axes when somersaulting and twisting).

Many of the pupils have not been on a competitive trampoline before and soon realise it is a little bit different to a trampoline park! However, they soon adapt and as they coach each other and build up confidence and skill levels they can soon somersault safely!!

The pupils also get to work on the British Gymnastic Trampoline Awards and progress through the levels (which range from 1 – 15) being awarded certificates as they achieve each level. I am pleased to say that this half term I have awarded 14 awards in the last 7 weeks – well done everyone!!!

This year so far in PE, we have also been working on settling and bonding the new Year 7 group using some outdoor challenges and orienteering. We have been making dens, trying food that grows in the wild and travelling to different parks to work in teams using maps to navigate around orienteering routes. This has been extremely successful and the Year 7s have all been extremely good at finding their way and discovering the orienteering control points.

Well done everyone!

Mr Hopkins