22 Jan

Welcome back to another Spring Brook Upper blog. This week the staff and students have been very busy – online learning is continuing to be a success, outdoor education is always a winner and in school the students have been a total pleasure to be around.

Let’s have a look at some of this week’s learning, starting with Ms Power..

This half term is flying by, half way there already and SBU3 have settled into our new way of working so well. In Science this week we have been learning about the respiratory system and how the movement of the diaphragm forces air in and out of the lungs, and made working models of this to demonstrate..

I’ve been really impressed with the work I’ve seen on Showbie too, keep it up every one. This won’t be forever and we’ll be back to normal soon, I hope!

In cooking, we made oreo cupcakes and shared them around school..

Maisie was back in the kitchen on Friday whipping up breakfast. We successfully convinced Miss Rodgers that tofu can be yummy, well done Maisie!

Mr Coldwell has been working with SBU6..

I have had a good week in class working with Mr Mullins’ group. We have been focusing on our academic work in the mornings and using PE/ICT as an incentive in the afternoons.

The pupils had very competitive games of Monopoly and ‘The Pirate Game’ today. It was nice to see them all getting along and working on their social skills..

As usual, Mr Hopkins hasn’t kept still..

This week PE has been great at SBU. We have had to give Mr Bocking a break to recover from his own online fitness videos last week (here if you missed them) and this week Miss Davies stepped into his very big shoes! Miss Davies provided us with a fitness video and a Zumba video each day as she is a qualified Zumba instructor. The videos were brilliant and if you want to try either type of exercise you can find the videos on Youtube, Facebook or the website here.

In school PE has continued with some fantastic improvement during our 1-1 trampolining sessions. Maisie has started to learn front landings..

..Syzmon is learning back landings..

..Harry has been improving his twists and the height of his jumping..

..and Leshay not only completed his British Gymnastics Trampolining Award 6..

..but has also been working on improving his straight back somersault!! Well done everyone this week!

Our outdoor education offer has continued this week as we picked up 2 groups of pupils from home to go out and explore an off-beaten track at Dovestones reservoir..

..and a hidden gem with the ruins of some old mill buildings at Dearden Clough. Again it was fantastic to see our pupils chatting and socialising together during each walk and enjoying being out in the fresh air and countryside even if it was snowing!!!

We look forward to more adventures next week and the return of Mr Bocking’s fitness sessions – make sure you tune in and get those muscles ready!!! ~ Mr Hopkins

This week we wish Miss Loftus and Mr Southerington a very happy birthday.

I would like to say a huge well done to Leshay for his trampolining award and to Harry H and Jack for their senior leadership students of the week awards.

Please continue to follow the rules and stay safe. If your child is showing any symptoms of Covid please do not send them into school. We know that the new strains of Covid are spreading fast and we continue to try to keep the site as safe as we can.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during these tricky times.

Be kind to yourself this weekend,

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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