29 Jan

This week Mr Bocking has returned to complete the fitness challenges online. He did really well with his costumes and even had some little helpers one day who were super cute. If you missed any of his videos you can find them all on our facebook page or our website here. My favourite was Friday’s Bananaman. Well done to you Mr Bocking, what a great effort.

This week we celebrated Miss Mellor’s birthday. We all wished her a Happy Birthday and enjoyed sharing birthday cake.

The outdoor learning continues to be a success with Mr Hopkins, let’s see where they have explored this week.

We have continued with our new ‘normal’ this week with PE and outdoor education at Spring Brook Upper. In PE we have been continuing the 1 – 1 trampoline lessons in school with great progress being made from all of our pupils. Mason has got on the trampoline for the first time ever and quickly adapted to shapes, seat landings and combinations. Finlay continued his improvement working hard to get his legs straight to be able to twist correctly and complete a swivel hips. And Leshay continued to work at gaining more height and honing his basic skills as well as making small improvements to his straight back somersault. Well done everyone this week!

For outdoor education this week we ventured forth on quests to find out about the wizarding history, myths and legends that surround Alderley Edge. We wandered up to The Edge and saw some amazing views before heading out to find; the beacon; 3 wells – the Wizard’s Well (which has the shape of a wizard and a saying engraved into the stone above it – see if you can work it out), the Wishing Well and the Holy Well; 2 mines (we found the wood mine but couldn’t find the other!); Stormy Edge, lots of caves and 2 quarries!!! The countryside is fabulous and ‘The Edge’ is a great forested area to walk around and explore the myths and legends – even if it is a bit muddy as Kaiden found out when he lost a shoe!!

I’d recommend a great book written in 1957 called ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ which is a fantasy story about the ‘Wizard of The Edge’ and set around the Alderley countryside.

Oh and we stopped off at Jodrell Bank with the Year 9’s on the way back just to show them how big the telescope was!!!

Anyway, well done to all our pupils who are so well behaved when we’re out and just enjoy being together on our adventures.

Rewards Fridays now look a little different. Students are rewarded both in school and at home for their engagement with learning. Well done to all of you who have received vouchers this week – your hard work has not gone un-noticed.

Mr Coldwell is also very pleased with the students..

Yesterday I had a nice time taking Harry and Mason out for a walk to the local park. They both enjoyed splashing around in puddles and burning off some energy. Here you can see Harry hard at work in school..

In the afternoon I did some multi sports activities with Tyler and Leshay in the hall. They really enjoyed the rugby tackling games and were asking if they could carry on with it in their next PE lesson. It was nice to see big smiles and for them to be trying new activities. 

Ms Power’s class have been very busy too..

Another week of blended learning for SBU3 and as usual we’ve been getting messy! In cooking we made pizzas in school from scratch, and scones were made at home.

In History we continued our topic of the history of medicine by looking at the Black Death in both the 14th and 17th Centuries. To show how gruesome the symptoms were we made fake ‘buboes’ using donuts, filled them with ‘blood’ (jam) and ‘pus’ (custard) and watched them explode!

A huge well done to Isiah who has done amazing work this week at home on Showbie. He’s made model lungs, learned about the Black Death, read several chapters of our book and done tons of Maths. Fantastic effort, Isiah!

In school we looked at the digestive system in Science, learning about how food moves through our body and how nutrients are extracted. We had a very messy demonstration of this using biscuits and orange juice.

Finally some teambuilding, strategy, engagement, physics, PE, geometry, fun with Leshay and Jack finishing the week off with a bit of Subbuteo (1-0 to Leshay after a cynical foul by Jack in the penalty box!)

There has been lots of fun learning taking place this week. The students have been really focused. I would like to say a special shout out to Leshay and Tyler who helped us with our safeguarding audit this week. Thank you boys.

As many parents didn’t really want to hear the news of the extended lockdown until possibly March 8th. Can I take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for their continued support with online learning and home schooling. We understand the challenges you face as many of us are also parents and have shared the same experiences. Please continue to answer your phones and talk to the staff weekly when they do their safe and well checks. We are not only here for the students but also you if you need to offload and share any concerns, the staff are good listeners and can signpost you for further support and advice if you need it.

Please continue to follow the rules and if your child is showing any symptoms of Covid please do not send them into school.

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe,

Miss Rodgers and the TEAM

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