12 Mar

Can I thank all families, parents, carers and students for their patience and understanding as we have phased our return back into school this week.

The LFT have all been negative and the students have been really sensible about taking the tests in school. This has ensured a safe return to Spring Brook. I am so happy to see everyone returning to school in a safe and controlled way.

This week has absolutely flown by – as you would imagine with everyone back in the building. I have been out and about doing break and lunch duties where possible. Mr Southerington and I have had lots of meetings from Heads of Site, Secondary Heads, Invitational meeting, Ofsted meeting, compliance meeting, interviews, 6 hours of safer recruitment training – oh and not to mention the day to day running of the school!

I can safely say that both Mr Southerington and I have really earned our weekend.

All of the staff and students have also been as busy this week with our business that is Education! And what a great business it is to be able to shape the lives, motivate and educate our young people. This week they have shown us tremendous resilience and coping strategies on their return and I am immensely proud of them (but then I would say, that wouldn’t I…). Let’s see what they’ve been up to..

  • Mr Mullins’ class..

Seems rather odd to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year in the second week of March – such is the current climate!

It has been wonderful to see everyone back on site and settle into things rather quickly. It is important we allow time for the children to engage with their peers and let them ‘off load’ as such. This third (and hopefully last) lockdown has been difficult for all of us and I am mindful of how we approach all things teaching and learning, even more so given this terms topic… Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon is challenging at the best of times!

The boys have already delved into translating some of the language used in his plays and made it more appropriate for 2021. They were also rather shocked to learn how William coined some of the phrases which we still use today.

In Maths, we have recapped on areas of a triangle ahead of testing ourselves on compound shapes.

Elsewhere, you may have already seen their efforts in PE – I was out of breath just hearing about it! Not sure my ‘lockdown body’ is ready to compete in the calorie burning challenge just yet.

Not bad to say the boys have achieved all that in three days. Enjoy the weekend and see you all next week.

  • Mr Coldwell’s class..

We have had a very positive week in SBU5. It seems like the pupils have been happy to be back.

The behaviour scores this week have all been above 80%.

Today we have been working on Mother’s Day cards, Paddy wrote a very thoughtful message for his mum.

  • Ms Power’s class..

Carrying on our space topic, in art we used glitter glue and liquid watercolours to create galaxy pictures. 

In Science we looked at the phases of the moon, using Oreos to represent this. Well done everyone for focusing so well on this activity. 

I also want to welcome Cody to SBU3, and special well done to Cody, Maisie and Tyler for their focus in Maths this week. 

  • Mrs Young’s class..

  • Mr Hopkins..

It’s been great seeing everyone back in at last this week. So many faces that we’ve not seen in so long and so many we’ve seen on and off on our outdoor trips. The thing that has struck me the most is how tall everyone has got!! In the PE office I have a cupboard where I’ve been measuring our pupils’ height ever since I started here at SBU. Since September this year most of our pupils have managed to grow between 1 – 2 inches when measuring them this week!!

Anyway, it has been great to start back with PE proper this week and Mr Mullins’ class of year 9’s have set the standard with the beginning of their fitness sessions for the next half term. This week we chatted about calories, food and maintaining a healthy weight and they had the challenge of burning off as many calories off as possible in an hour through performing 10 different exercises. This really helped them realise how hard it is to burn calories and how important a healthy diet is. After an hour’s hard work and some intense competition, Jack managed to beat Amaan by a mere 12.5 calories having burned off 685.5 in the hour. It was a great performance from everyone in the class and some great independent learning!!

We are also starting the John Muir Award up again in classes as we’re all back in school and the first class out this week was Miss Young’s class. We visited Walkerwood Reservoir up in the hills behind Stalybridge and had a short walk around the reservoir, up through the forest and then climbed the short hill to get to our original goal – an old, disused army firing range. It is only a small rifle and pistol range with a firing shed and a trench but gave our group a small idea of what it would have been like to train in the army in the past. We explored all around the area and Szymon and Harry both managed to find some old rifle bullets that had been fired years ago in the man-made banks that the soldiers would have fired into. Needless to say this was a very exciting adventure and it really is amazing what you can find in our amazing countryside!!

Well done to all of our pupils coming back in and behaving so well this week, it’s great to see you and we’ll see how you cope with the upcoming fitness tests!! 💪  ~ Mr Hopkins

Great space pictures in Ms Power’s class, well done everyone. Mr Mullins’ class have all grown taller and have come back as mature as ever – great to see you cracking on with your English.

Super learning about Hubble in Mrs Young’s class too! Well done to all of you, your work looks very creative.

I just love the photos from Mr Coldwell’s class with Paddy working hard and everyone with high percentages with their behaviour points.

Well this week has flown by. Enjoy the weekend and have a good rest and be ready to go again next week.

Stay safe everyone and please continue to follow the rules, we have come so far, the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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