19 Mar

Thank you to those of you who donated for Red Nose Day. We wore a red item to celebrate today.

This week we have completed doing the lateral flow testing in school, test kits have now been sent home for you to test your children at home. If you have any questions about testing or need any further advice or support, our very own Mr Southerington is the in house expert now. I am sure that he will answer any questions that you have.

Please remember hands, face, space where possible and reinforce this message at home as we are doing in school. If your child is showing any of the symptoms of Covid 19 please do not send them into school.

This week we have been aware of anxieties and challenges that our students have presented with. Please continue to work with us and let us know of these when they become apparent at home, we can then ensure that the right support is put in place for your child at school. We thank you for your continued support.

Let’s have a look at what SBU3 have been up to this week..

In Science we investigated how the moon got its craters by dropping marbles from varying heights and investigating the size of crater left and the displacement of the surrounding materials. 

We also looked at constellations and made representations of these using pipe cleaners and stars. This was really fiddly and difficult but these look brilliant!

On Monday we went to Strinesdale Reservoir in our local area and we collected rubbish. We tallied the rubbish we found and used this later to complete work on bar charts, and evaluations of what we’d come across.

We’ve also been playing some new board games this week, to improve our team building. Mouse Trap has quickly become a favourite and it’s been brilliant to see how well everyone has worked together to assemble the tricky board!

Mr Hopkins has been keeping everyone active..

It’s a very short blog from me this week even though we have been super busy here at Spring Brook Upper in both PE and Outdoor Education.

For PE each class has started their annual fitness tests. Each session we focus on a different aspect of fitness and this week our focus was on strength. We work on different muscle groups and see how much each muscle group can physically perform in one repetition. This allows our pupils to understand how different parts of the body work, what the correct technique is if they ever join a gym in the future and also builds determination and resilience in trying to give 100%. We have previous performances and school records to beat but it will take me the weekend to collate all of the results, so we can look forward to the strength achievements in next week’s blog. Needless to say, everyone did incredibly well and we saw some amazing efforts!

For the John Muir Award this week, Miss Crossley’s class went out up on to Blackstone Edge to explore the old Roman road and the very dark coloured rocks. There were 3 challenges to attempt and 2 were completed fully so well done to everyone. The behaviour of this class was also superb and I was proud to take them out!! Unfortunately I left the camera in the minibus and so have no photos of the occasion which is a great shame – detention for me I think!!

See you all next week for some results and more adventures outdoors ~ Mr Hopkins

Well done to our students of the week: Kaiden, Alyssa, Kieran, Lewis, Maisie and Kyle – Amazon vouchers for you to spend or save!

This morning, Mr Southerington met with MAT colleagues and representatives from the Department for Education to talk about how Spring Brook has approached the Remote Learning offer during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021:

Sharing our experiences, challenges and successes, the discussion showed just how far we have come in a short space of time, and that we are constantly looking at how to provide the best academic and emotional support to our pupils and families. The DfE left this message..

I’d like to echo Katie’s words – our staff team are inspiring and amazing. Thank you for your unrelenting hard work to support our learners.

Have a great weekend everyone, try to be kind to yourselves and others. Get some fresh air and enjoy a rest!

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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