26 Mar

“This is the best behaved school I ever been in.” Quote of the day from our visitor Paul Broadbent from the Active in Mind Program. This has also made my day and made me feel very proud of our students’ achievements (more about this from Mr Hopkins later).

Earlier in the week their behaviour was also commented on by a local person in a park where they were litter picking. “What well mannered students you have at your school.” And we do!

We have also had our challenges this week but it is commendable how the students have trusted staff in order to solve their issues in a solution focused way. This is a testimony of how strong the relationships are here at the academy between staff and students.

Mr Coldwell agrees with me..

The pupils have made an excellent start back from the long period of time they had off. They have shown resilience, commitment and a positive attitude in all their lessons. We had a lovely day on Wednesday splashing around in the stream.

The boys suggested we go out a do a litter pick around the local area which they all took part in.

Mrs Young’s class have also been working hard..

Now for an update from Mr Hopkins..

Well, it’s been a very busy week here at SBU in PE and Outdoor Education. Our PE sessions have continued with Speed and Agility being our set of fitness tests this week. However, I said I would talk about the strength tests we did last week so….

For strength we talked about different muscle groups and what strength means for activities using those muscle groups. Then we put our muscles to the test to find out how strong we all are in relation to our own bodyweight with a 1 rep maximum lift. This makes it fair for everybody, of all different shapes and sizes to compete and compare against each other, and against scores from previous years.

We performed a deadlift for legs and back, bench press for chest, grip strength for forearms and seated basketball throw for shoulders. Lots of school records went this year and it was great to see all of our pupils give 100% in the challenges.

  • Kyren B managed to take all 5 Year 8 school records this year!!
  • Kaiden B took the Year 9 grip strength record for left hand.
  • Isiah R broke the Year 7 seated basketball throw record.
  • Ellie M broke the Year 7 deadlift record.
  • And lastly Amaan F broke both the Year 9 Bench Press and Deadlift records. He even managed to deadlift 219% (twice as much) of his own bodyweight!!

Well done everyone!!

The John Muir Award took Miss Mason-Power’s class out to the waterfall at Middle Black Clough which saw some great exploration, teamwork and communication to get us there! It was the first time out in the countryside for new pupil Harley too and he absolutely LOVED it!!

Finally back in September we registered for the Active in Mind programme from the Youth Sport Trust which looked fantastic for the needs of our pupils. It is a programme that involves having a nurture group of younger students and a peer mentor group of older students who are our Mental Health Champions. The aim is for staff and peer mentors to lead a series of sessions to the nurture group of young students in how to deal with stress, anxiety and the mental health issues that they face.

This week we finally started the programme after it had been delayed by COVID and to kick us off we had Paul Broadbent, an ex-rugby league player, come in to deliver to our 2 groups some activities and talk about mental health, stress and anxiety.

Our students were all fantastic, respectful and participated in all of the activities giving 100%. They also shared together a little about their own stresses and anxieties which was amazing. Paul even said that we were one of the best behaved and most engaged schools he had ever been in so well done to our two groups of pupils for being awesome!

I am really looking forward to seeing this programme progress over the summer term and seeing how our students interact with each other and hopefully be able to manage their own mental health more positively for the future. ~ Mr Hopkins

We have presented students of the week with Amazon vouchers today. Well done to those of you who have achieved this.

Lots of learning and laughter at the academy this week. It is so good to have everyone back in school. A polite reminder that if your child is off sick we do need medical evidence from you in order to authorise their absence. You can use the parent app to report absence or call the office line.

We are continuing to follow the social distancing, hands, face, space rules. Please reinforce this message with your children at home. We still need to be mindful that the restrictions are still in place.

Stay home, stay safe.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Miss Rodgers and the Team at Spring Brook Upper

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