23 Apr

The highlight of our return to school following the Easter break has been meeting our new staff member Watson. All of the staff and students have welcomed Watson to our Spring Brook Family. Watson has already helped so many students here at Spring Brook Academy, he is a valued member of the team.

We have also welcomed Mrs Chapel who will be working with Mr Stewart in SBA 4.

As Mr Mullins mentions, we have enjoyed the lovely weather and taken many opportunities this week to take our learning outside. For most days there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky, there has also been a buzz around school of life feeling semi-normal again.

Let’s hear about Mr Mullins’ class and see what they have been learning about this week.

First week back and straight into all things learning. We are picking up where we left off with Shakespeare and the boys have been hot seating one another in various roles. Could well be coming to a big screen near you…

In Maths, we are working through fractions. From equivalent fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers ahead of adding/subtracting larger fractions with unlike denominators. We will then use this knowledge and confidence to multiply and divide. Elsewhere, the group have accessed further assessments and have applied themselves in a manner I know they are capable of. They deserve the recognition for looking beyond the mindset of ‘I can’t do tests’ to understanding how, alongside what we see day in/day out, they also allow us to adapt our teaching approach accordingly. We can then create opportunities for the boys to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

We have been able to make the most of the decent weather (I didn’t realise the fiery ball in the sky existed in Greater Manchester) and get outdoors for a few sports games. These became rather competitive early on and that was just the staff! VAR may be required for SBU6 this summer term.

An impressive return to school. Enjoy the weekend and see you all next week.

Mr Hopkins has had a brilliant start to the term too..

It has been a great week back here at SBU after the Easter holidays with our pupils all giving 100% in PE, enjoying their John Muir Award outdoor adventures and welcoming our new school dog Watson with lots of love and cuddles!

Firstly, the pupils have begun as they left before Easter – absolutely smashing their fitness challenges in PE! Our year 7 & 8 classes learned about heart rate, oxygen and breathing before they gave it everything in the bleep test. I was extremely impressed with everyone’s performances as there was some serious effort put in this week. It never matters to me what level is achieved as long as each person gives it their absolute best and what impresses me the most when our pupils are challenged with something like the bleep test is the mental strength to carry on even when physically it is so tiring. Well done to everyone in PE this week.

Our year 9’s also completed their muscular endurance fitness tests where we identified a set of muscles or a muscle group and exercised that muscle group to exhaustion. Again our year 9’s were really impressive in their motivation to keep going even when their muscles were failing and put out some impressive numbers! There were 6 challenges including holding a plank, a wall sit and seeing how far you could go in 3 mins on an exercise bike. Well done everyone for their efforts!

Secondly, Mr Coldwell’s class went out on their week of the John Muir Award to Blackstone Edge. We were blessed by the weather and had some truly amazing views from the cliff top. The students had 3 challenges to complete on the trip and well done for Kyren being the only person to complete all 3!!! Along the way we discussed the Roman Road and the Aigin Stone and how they would have been put there and why and we also talked about the strange circles in the rocks on the cliff faces and how they were formed. It was a brilliant morning out so again, well done everyone!!

Thirdly, we have welcomed Watson the SBU dog into our school this week. It has taken a lot of consideration, planning and paperwork over the last 6 months as to whether we could or should have a dog in school but after much research on the positive effect a dog can have on mental health we have decided to introduce Watson – a rescue racing greyhound – into school for 3 days a week.

He is extremely soft and has an amazingly calm temperament and has been settling in well during his first week. Our pupils have responded amazingly well to Watson and have respected his space and been very gentle with him. As the week went on we began walking him at break and lunchtimes and even enjoying cuddles! For some of our children it really helps to come and see Watson when they arrive in school in the morning before going to class and for others it can be a much needed break to visit him for 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day to release any tension or stress. Harry in particular, was a little overwhelmed at one point this week and was sitting outside until Watson went to visit to see if he was ok. Harry said he would like to walk him for a bit and that allowed time for Harry to walk and chat and bring his emotions back under control to be able to go back into class.

Hopefully the introduction of Watson into our Spring Brook family will prove to be as successful as his first week but for now he needs some rest after working hard all week!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and well done! 

Other news is that Mr Southerington and I have been looking at our classes for the next academic year already. I am pleased to share with you that as we plan to say goodbye to our Y9s, we are excited to be planning for three Y7 classes in September. Transition information will be shared soon with students and families.

Parks, exploring Blackstone Edge, St Anne’s, Watson, learning, laughter and sunshine! What a great week back.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, spend some time outside noticing the little things that matter. Be kind to yourself and others.

Miss Rodgers 

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