30 Apr

Miss Rodgers will be back with her blog next week but we couldn’t resist sharing some of this week’s highlights with you. Ms Power starts us off..

SBU3 have begun a new topic looking broadly at the theme of Oceans and Storms. It wouldn’t be right to start this topic without actually seeing the ocean so on Monday we visited St Anne’s near Blackpool, the weather was good to us and we enjoyed the sand and seeing how far out the tide went.

In English, we have been studying the Shakespeare play ‘The Tempest’, looking at characters, settings and magic. This week we have made our own maps of the magical island, and also considered how the main characters are similar and different. 

In Science we have been looking at the seas around the UK, thinking about different habitats and their different features. We will be extending this by learning about which animals live in each habitat and why. 

In the kitchen this week we made macaroni cheese. 

Mr Coldwell is really pleased with his class..

We made pizzas this week in cooking, which went down a treat. The boys worked really well on this and enjoyed eating them too.

We’ve also been working on our manners and trying to use the best language possible. The boys have made progress and it is something we will carry on next week.

Mr Hopkins has been busy too..

This week has been a shorter week in school for me as I have been out of school on a training course for some of it. However the outdoor education offer at SBU has still continued with a fantastic day out with Mr Mullins’ class on Thursday.

We went out to explore Rivington Pike and its history and so while we did a 10km walk we also discovered a few really interesting places. These included Pigeon Tower – a lookout tower, the Italian gardens with the ornamental pool. Rivington Pike itself where Mr Bocking raced the class up the steps – rather him then me! And finally the old ruins of a bungalow that was burned to the ground by one of the Suffragettes. I even managed to convince some of the class to try eating some wild garlic we found. It was strong but lovely! All in all a great day out with some interesting history involved too.

Finally on Friday Watson the SBU dog was back in school after being missed all week. As part of Jaydan’s fitness regime – he works out with me in the gym every morning – we decided to have a break from the gym and walk Watson around a kilometre circuit around Moston Brook. Harry and Kaiden both joined us too as they were having a tough morning. All three were great at handling Watson on the lead and in return Watson gave them some cuddly company ready for them to get back in class for some work!

Watson also accompanied a small group of our pupils to the park on Friday afternoon as their reward time. This involved some turn taking in walking him and then some Frisbee and playground play once we got to the park! It was great to see our pupils playing together and enjoying a relaxed social time making up Frisbee games or having some chilled time with Watson.

Miss Mellor has an update for us on her intervention sessions in school..

The students have been enjoying playing social games which encourage them to think about their next move and help to develop their memories..

Miss Mellor took Miss Young’s class to Brookdale Park last week. The students had worked really hard in the morning so had a lovely afternoon out with their class.

On Monday Miss Mellor took a group of students to the beach in her intervention session. They all had such a lovely day, it was nice to see them enjoying their day out.

Tuesday saw Mr Mullins’ class visit Boggart Hole Clough with Miss Mellor. They all enjoyed a game of man hunt and explored the area. All the students encouraged each other and showed great team work helping each other.

Finally, if you have been following our Facebook page you will have already heard SBU2’s eggciting news!!

I think it’s fair to say that SBU 2 are absolutely loving the new additions to their class 🐣! The chicks were even out on desks joining in with Maths this morning!

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Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more news on their new additions next week!

Enjoy your long Bank Holiday weekend and stay safe.

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