07 May

I cannot believe that we are in May already and that it is freezing cold! This week as ever has been busy here at Spring Brook Upper. We have had our invitational meeting with the executive team. We had the chance to celebrate all of the amazing work that you have seen on the blogs and Facebook pages that Mr Hopkins has initiated.

The feedback from our executive team was very positive. There are lots of exciting projects that Mr Hopkins has been working on to enhance our curriculum offer here at school.

Thank you, Mr Hopkins, it is really excellent to be able to showcase your efforts.

Another highlight of my week was at our Governors Conference. It was lovely to see all of the young people across our Trust introducing speakers and saying “Thank You” to our Governors. For me (I am biased) the star of the show was our very own Mr KT. He filmed a short clip that was just perfect in every way. On behalf of our school KT thanked the Governors in his own unique way – it really made my evening.

Let’s have a look at Miss Mellor’s interventions this week….

On Tuesday Mr Mullins’s class went to Boggart Hole Clough for Miss Mellor’s Interventions. First, we had a walk around the wooded area and had a game of man hunt. We then went to the play area..

..followed by Simply Cycling on the race track. The students really enjoyed their morning at the park. They worked really well together helping each other.

On Tuesday afternoon Theo and Dawud came to Interventions and did some target shooting – we put a target on the wall so they could safely shoot their fidget bands at it, in a safe environment.

On Thursday Beth played Guess Who and a memory game in Miss Mellor’s Interventions. Beth has developed her cognitive skills and memory since learning how to play these games a few months ago, and really enjoys them. Her understanding of the questions in Guess Who has really come on through these Interventions. She has gained much more understanding of what to knock down and what type of questions to ask.

It really is great to see the students engaging during their interventions. Miss Mellor plans fun activities linked to the outcomes on the students’ Education, Health and Care Plans.

I have been blown away by the outstanding writing in Mr Mullins’ class. We have our very own poetic writer in Romeo – sorry I mean Amaan. When I read his love letter composed for Juliet it was clear to see the amount of effort that he had considered with choice of vocabulary and sentence structure. It gave me goose bumps reading it, brilliant effort Amaan. Let’s see what Mr Mullins has to say….

This week, SBU6 have worked incredibly hard looking at different sentence structures and getting higher emotive vocabulary into our writing. We have taken turns to adopt the persona of a Shakespearean character, hot seating one another and using this experience to help support our write up.

The boys opted to write letters and I am blown away with the progress made in such a quick turn around. Many are at the editing stage, with Amaan having already produced the one I have included below. I am sure you will agree how this is an exceptional piece of work and certainly evokes a whole range of emotions! It will come as no surprise that this piece meant Amaan was awarded the Literacy certificate for this week.

Elsewhere, we continue to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions and subtracting mixed numbers. It is lovely to see them all modelling and supporting one another within concepts that they previously found difficult, working together to overcome hurdles. Their reactions and sense of achievement when they ‘got it’ a further reminder of why we get into teaching!

A special mention to Kaiden, who not only took the Numeracy Award but also the form Pupil of the Week for his endeavour and positive attitude towards all aspects of his learning.

We should be able to share more heartfelt pieces of writing from our budding writers with you next week so please do look out for them!

Mr Coldwell’s class have also been working hard..

The boys worked well and enjoyed cooking this week. We made our own curries which smelt amazing..

..and tasted good too..

Kyren and Alfie both liked looking after the chicks. Afterwards we talked about potential careers in working with animals in the future.

Alfie has enjoyed working on honing his boxing skills..

Ms Power’s class have been glad of the sunshine this week..

SBU3 have been getting green fingered this week, making a start on clearing some raised beds ready for planting fruit and vegetables. 

In art, we used water colours to create representations of the Tempest island, following on from our work in English. 

We spent time with Candice working on gymnastics, practising moves like bridges and flips. 

As we celebrated on our Facebook pages this week, we have had some students breaking school records for wall sits, holding the plank and many more. Over to Mr Hopkins…

These 4 days have been so busy it certainly hasn’t felt like a short week! Here’s how we’ve been doing in PE and Outdoor Ed. here at SBU this week.

For this half term in PE we are experiencing lots of different types of games that involve striking, throwing and catching. These types of activities really encourage coordination, anticipation, teamwork and are the basis of all physical activity and life skills. Most importantly, they’re super fun!! We started with ultimate frisbee, last week was cricket and we continued this week with some tennis activities. The lessons have been so popular that for our reward time on Friday afternoon we had pupils queueing up to play tennis matches against each other – even the staff were getting super competitive!!! It is amazing to see the progress in skill level learning through structured play and varied activities. Some pupils even had a go at scoring the matches and even I couldn’t explain why tennis uses 15’s, 30’s, 40’s and deuces!!

Watson the school dog was hard at work again being used in many ways – to settle pupils coming into school, being able to spend time with him as a reward for positive behaviour and walking him as a physical activity at social times. He really is loving all the attention and is so calm which is great for some of our students who are nervous around dogs. Kaiden in particular who is walking him in the red jacket in the pics was very nervous of dogs, particularly one’s bigger than he is like Watson! And now with being able to spend time around such a calm animal Kaiden is confident enough to walk Watson on the lead and feed him a treat from his palm. Well done Kaiden!

For the John Muir Award this week we took Miss Young’s class out to Ashworth valley to see if we could find the old mill ruins hidden in the forest there. Unfortunately we didn’t get to find them this week – even though Harry was searching through his World War 2 binoculars! Maybe we’ll try again with that class on another trip.

Well that’s all from me this week. Tomorrow is a very exciting day. I am going to see our Ellie play football in her league over in Cheadle Hulme – more news to follow. Then in the afternoon I am going to a local derby where my son’s team play in the Cup Final. We have been counting down the sleeps – I don’t know who is more excited?!

At this point I would like to wish you all a great weekend. Be kind, be active, make healthy choices and continue to stay safe.

Miss Rodgers

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