14 May

I cannot believe that we are in May already and that it is freezing cold! This week and last week as ever has been busy here at Spring Brook Upper. We have had our invitational meeting with the executive team. We had the chance to celebrate all of the amazing work that you have seen on the blogs and Facebook pages that Mr Hopkins has initiated.

The feedback from our executive team was very positive. There are lots of exciting projects that Mr Hopkins has been working on to enhance our curriculum offer here at school.

Thank you, Mr Hopkins, it is really excellent to be able to showcase your efforts.

Another highlight last week was at our Governors Conference. It was lovely to see all of the young people across our Trust introducing speakers and saying “Thank You” to our Governors. For me (I am biased) the star of the show was our very own Mr KT. He filmed a short clip that was just perfect in every way. On behalf of our school KT thanked the Governors in his own unique way – it really made my evening.

I have been blown away by the outstanding writing in Mr Mullins’ class. We have our very own poetic writer in Romeo – sorry, I mean Amaan. When I read his love letter composed for Juliet it was clear to see the amount of effort that he had considered with choice of vocabulary and sentence structure. It gave me goose bumps reading it, brilliant effort Amaan. Let’s see what Mr Mullins has to say..

SBU6 have worked incredibly hard looking at different sentence structures and getting higher emotive vocabulary into our writing. We have taken turns to adopt the persona of a Shakespearean character, hot seating one another and using this experience to help support our write up.

The boys opted to write letters and I am blown away with the progress made in such a quick turn around. Many are at the editing stage, with Amaan having already produced the one I have included below. I am sure you will agree how this is an exceptional piece of work and certainly evokes a whole range of emotions! It will come as no surprise that this piece meant Amaan was awarded the Literacy certificate for this week.

As we celebrated on our Facebook pages this week, we have had some students breaking school records for wall sits, holding the plank and many more. This week the whole school went outside to watch the fierce competition with the bleep test. Mr Stewart, Mrs Chapel and even Mr Sefton took part. It was such a fantastic effort from everyone and there was great support from the rest of the school cheering everyone on. A brilliant feeling of togetherness.

In PE this week at SBU we have been continuing our tennis lessons and it has quickly become a favourite sport at lunch and breaktimes with the pupils as they set up their own court in the sports hall and score their own games. It really is great to see a sport that our pupils are not familiar with being enjoyed so much.

Also on Thursday I sent an email around school saying that there was going to be a Bleep test outside on the tennis court that afternoon for anyone who would like to have a go. We have recently all done the test in lessons and I thought it would be a good opportunity for any person to try to beat their score from a month ago. As it happened we had a great time with quite a number of staff and students giving it a go – even our caretaker Harvey joined in. A great atmosphere was created by the rest of the school sitting out to the side and cheering our participants on, it was such a positive mood with lots of encouragement! Well done to all those who competed as everyone (except Mr Stewart) improved their score – brilliant effort!

This week we also had 2 outdoor John Muir trips. The first was Miss Crossley’s class who went out on Thursday with Watson the SBU dog to Alderley Edge to decide whether the myths and legends of wizards in the area were true. After seeing the wells, engravings, mines and getting a general feel for the area they decided that they didn’t believe in wizards – but enjoyed exploring anyway!!!

The 2nd trip was a rerun of Miss Young’s class trip last week after we returned early. This week was great as we went out exploring Cheesden Valley where there were rumours of old ruined mill buildings. After a short search we not only found the ruins but also found an old air raid shelter hidden nearby too!! The ruins were amazing and it was great to see how nature has started to grow over what man had once built – the tree roots growing through the brickwork and the moss on the stones were truly cinematic.

All in all a great week and I look forward to more of the same next week. Watson agrees with me!

Ms Power’s class are making headway with their gardening project..

SBU3 have continued clearing the raised beds and are making amazing progress, we’re almost ready to plant and the jungle is gradually disappearing!

In English we have almost finished studying the Tempest, the class have approached this challenging topic with great effort and their understanding really shows. Well done everyone.

This week has been Mental Health Awareness week. Please try to look after your mind as well as making healthy choices about food, sleep and exercise. The theme has been nature. I decided to take a walk everyday this week to be outside and to notice nature. My late Dad loved to be outside looking at wild life, it really does have a positive effect on our well-being.

At this point I would like to wish you all a great weekend. To all of our families celebrating Eid.

Be kind, be active, make healthy choices and continue to stay safe – get outdoors whatever the weather this weekend and see what treats you can find in nature.

A reminder that this next Monday 17th May we will be doing activities in school to highlight the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. We have said that students can come to school in their own clothes – colours of their choice. Watch this space to see our celebration.

Miss Rodgers

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