21 May

Miss Rodgers will be back with her blog next week but we couldn’t resist sharing some of this week’s highlights with you from Mr Hopkins..

This week Miss Mason-Power’s class went out for their John Muir Award to Alderley Edge to explore the wizarding myths and legends of the area. Along the way we found some large dens that others had made and talked about trees and how we could try to work out their age. Tyler just couldn’t get over how big some of the trees were in the forest!!

As we were exploring we had to trek across some muddy areas so it was a good job Mr Heaton was so strong, piggybacking Maisy over the difficult terrain! We also found lots of caves and entrances to the old mines and tunnels beneath the edge which was very exciting!! Well done to the class for a great trip out – even if they don’t believe in wizards!!!

Another activity we have started here at SBU is the Active in Mind project in conjunction with the Youth Sport Trust. This involves a weekly meet up with a small nurture group of younger pupils meeting with a small peer mentor group of older pupils to spend some time together talking about mental health and doing some activities to encourage communication about mental health. This week was focused on communication and trust and Jack and Amaan led 3 activities for the rest of the group. Amaan led an initial physical activity to wake everyone up, get some endorphins flowing through our brains and to have a bit of fun to start the session. He decided to have a competition to see who could get to 100 punches on the punchbag the fastest.

Next up was Jack who had chosen to lead a ‘human bridge’ trust activity where everyone had to sit on a chair, then lean back on another person before all of the chairs were taken away! We successfully tried it with 4 people..

..and then also managed it with 6!!!

For the 3rd activity Amaan then led a communication game – a team relay that involved finding pairs of cards to be able to win. Some of the communication and tactics between our pupils was really excellent!

Finally we finished off the session with some mindfulness and relaxation to think about the week ahead with Miss Mellor performing a short Reiki session.

It really is a great end to the week watching these sessions as we have worked with the peer mentors in the week to plan them and seeing them delivering activities to other students is fantastic. Well done everyone!

Last but never least, Watson the SBU dog has been hard at work again welcoming our pupils into school and spending time with them at social times. One student actually said this morning “it’s the best start to the day” when he had seen Watson this morning!

However, Watson is certainly glad it’s Friday!

Miss Mellor has an update for us on her intervention work this week..

On Wednesday Miss Mellor took Mr Coldwell’s class to Clifton Nature Park. They had fun on the play area, working as a team on the big  swing and climbing on the apparatus..

After playing on the play area we went on an adventure through the Fairy Trail. We found lots of things hidden in the trees.

Miss Mellor took some of the students to Boggart Hole Clough to have a go at all the different bikes. Here are some pictures of Mr Coldwell’s class having lots of fun.

Miss Mellor took Mr Mullins’s class to Clifton Nature Park. They had lots of fun playing on the play area, playing football and they had a game of man hunt.

On Thursday morning Kian came to Miss Mellor’s therapeutic interventions and had a foot spa and a mini reiki treatment.

That afternoon Miss Mellor took 3 of Mrs Young’s class to Alexandra Park for a social intervention – the weather was rather wet but we still all enjoyed ourselves..

Some of the Year 7s also visited Boggart Hole Clough with Miss Mellor to have a go on the bikes. They had a really good time and were very well behaved.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

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