11 Jun

The weeks are racing by. We are already planning for the next academic year and our transitions. It is a very exciting time for our Year 6 at lower school and our Year 9 students at upper as both year groups are getting ready to meet new teachers and staff and friends.

As a parent of a Year 6 pupil I do understand parents worries and anxieties at this time! I can reassure you that as we approach the transition we are planning some really fun activities for our students in both year groups. This week Mr Roscoe has spent some time with our Year 6 students at lower school. Here is his news…

It has been a great first week back working at Spring Brook. Meeting the students and getting to know them has been the highlight of my week, they have helped me settle back into life at school and I am looking forward to spending more time with the Year 9s in particular, working on their transition on to the Springboard Project.

Spending time with the Year 6 at Lower school has been fantastic and I am looking forward to spending more time with them in the coming weeks, making the transition process for them more comfortable and building on their excitement they already have, in preparation for joining us at the Upper site. As I can see the students are excited about spending time and accessing some fun activities with us at the upper site. I think all of the Year 6s are excited about trampolining, cooking and meeting the staff!

There will be more to follow with our transitions over the next few weeks.

Miss Mellor has been having fun with her interventions and trips out. Amaan commented this week “ You have a great job, don’t you Miss?” Miss Mellor reflected for a moment and replied “Yes I do Amaan, I love working here and love my job!”

On Tuesday Miss Mellor took Mr Mullins’ class to Philips Park. They enjoyed playing on the play area and had a game of football with Mr Bocking and Mr Roscoe before we ventured around the pond and around the fields of the park. All the students were really well behaved while at the park.

On Tuesday afternoon Miss Mellor took Miss Young’s class to Boggart Hole Clough Park for a social skills session. They played really well together and did quite a lot of walking.

This morning (Friday) our Mentors Amaan and Jack planned some activities with Miss Mellor. The first task was to see who could do the most sit ups in one minute.

The second exercise was to do as many press ups as they could..

..and the third was to do as many squats as they could..

We then played a group game to work on our team building. We had to start in a circle with 2 balloons and keep them moving in the air, we added more balloons. They managed to keep 7 up until they let them drop to the floor.

To finish Miss Mellor sent the students some Reiki as they relaxed lay on the mats, the students did their own hand position for each section and changed position when instructed…

After break time Miss Mellor took Leshay, Kyren and Donovan to Clifton Park for social emotion interventions. They all played really well together on the play area. Leshay and Donovan helped a little boy who had got stuck on the climbing frame, they asked the little boy’s mum if she wanted them to help him and she said yes please. This was really nice to see, our young people showed positive behaviour and were respectful while out on their trip.

Miss Powers class have been very creative. I love the look of the Japanese soup! Leshay’s English work has also wowed me. Excellent effort Leshay. I’m really looking forward to doing some set design work with this class over the next few weeks. This is a skill from my former career as a scenographer.

On Monday we had Miss Mellor’s social intervention on the bike track, Cody showed us his wheelie skills and everyone enjoyed cycling in the sunshine. 

We are looking at the geography of Japan this half term and continued this in the kitchen where we made Japanese noodle soup. 

In Art this half term we are learning about and creating paper sculptures using a range of techniques. We have started by thinking about the different shapes and textures that can be created by cutting and folding paper. Well done Maisie for your great start with this!

Finally, I wanted to share this fantastic piece of work from Leshay. We have been studying film, using it to inform our English work, and this week we created short pieces of creative writing using a 30 second film clip as a stimulus, considering character, setting, colour, story and sound. The students used the stimulus to imagine a wider setting and continuation of story. Well done Leshay..

Maisie and Beth have enjoyed making earrings and bracelets this week..

Here is Maisie proudly showing off both her earrings and her creative writing!

Mr Coldwell’s class enjoyed some time out this week in the community working on their social skills in the sun. The pupils really enjoyed being able to be out in the good weather. This week in cooking they made Mediterranean chicken with tzatkiki which they all really enjoyed.

Mr Hopkins has been keeping everyone busy too..

This week PE have been back trampolining in some groups which has been amazing! It remains the most popular activity here at SBU and offers so much to our children in the forms of improving self confidence, patience, resilience, physical fitness (yes, it’s incredibly tiring!!!), coaching, leadership etc. Also it is an activity that is completely individual to each pupil regardless of ability which means that it doesn’t matter how good you are, there is always achievement and success involved in learning something new.

Also in PE the Year 9s tried their athletic skills in the indoor long jump this week, experimenting with different techniques that would allow them to jump as far as possible. Well done to everyone for improving through the lesson and especially to Henry for breaking the Year 9 record!

Mr Coldwell’s class managed to get out for their John Muir Award too this week. We visited Healey Dell and explored all of the old railway lines and mill ruins along the river. This provoked some really interesting conversations about history, working conditions and engineering about how water wheels would power machinery. Obviously Kyren and Kieran also pulled off some modelling poses too!!!

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Watson the greyhound has also enjoyed his time back in school after a holiday this week. He loves greeting the pupils in the mornings and saying goodbye in the afternoons. However, he REALLY loves the cuddles and walks he gets at social times!!! Our pupils really show their caring and responsible sides when they’re with him as they really take care of him when they take him out on the lead.

All in all a great week so well done everyone. ~ Mr Hopkins

Finally, we have to say a huge well done to our very own Mr Stewart who entered the Capital Radio Quiz this week. He did very well and got to round 4!!! You can listen to him here:

Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp | Global Player

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I will be watching the football with my son this weekend and enjoying the sun.

Miss Rodgers

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