18 Jun

Football fever has landed here at Spring Brook. The staff have a little competition going and the students are playing more football than ever. Year 9 enjoyed their trip this week to Avro FC and there has been staff vs students football nearly every lunchtime.

This evening we see England Vs Scotland. Watch this space…

This week at the academy we have been tightening up our systems. The staff have reminded students that even though we are quickly approaching the end of the academic year we remain on timetable and we keep the timings of the school day tight. This is to ensure we don’t lose valuable learning time and keep our high standards at Spring Brook.

Let’s have a look at Miss Power’s class who have had a great week….

As part of our sculpture project in Art we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Monday. We had a great walk in the beautiful surroundings, met some friendly cows, and looked at a range of different sculptures. 

In social skills we have been playing very competitive games of Articulate. It’s been great to see the pupils using their language skills to describe objects, places, and actions to compete against each other! Maisie has also enjoyed playing memory games and competing against staff.

In art this week we have continued our paper sculpture project, making pop up sculptures of our names. We carefully drew the letters and then used craft knives to carefully and safely cut the letters out. 

Mr Coldwell is proud of his class. he reports:

My class have a had a good week with all pupils achieving over 80% in their behaviour averages. Kyren and Paddy made some lovely spicy chicken yesterday in cooking. It has also been nice for the pupils to acknowledge when they have made mistakes and apologise without being asked or prompted. We have also had lots of mature conversations this week around behaviour and expectations and set targets for next week.

Mr Mullins has been busy too..

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of update from SBU6 of late. We have been busy with all things transition and extra-curricular activities… I cannot believe we are already in the last term of the academic year, let alone the last term for our Yr 9’s!

We have been working incredibly hard in Numeracy, exploring algebra and the order of operations. The boys have persevered throughout this difficult concept including expanding brackets before applying this confidence and knowledge at a level that surpassed all expectations.

We are in the process of draft writing a diary entry based on the experiences of children during the Industrial Revolution. Whilst initially being happy at the thought of one-hour worth of schooling a week, this quickly evaporated once the class discovered the long hours and poor working conditions both in the mines and the cotton mills.

Elsewhere, we have naturally tapped into the excitement of all things Euro 2020 (2021!) and utilised this to explore countries of Europe. This will continue over the coming weeks, with the children taking ownership over their research project.

Enjoy the weekend and make the most of the nice weather Saturday!

We also have an update from Mr Hopkins..

This week has seen us use PE and sport as a good transition tool for our pupils moving in between our schools here at Spring Brook Upper and Lower and the Springboard Project.

On Thursday afternoon our older pupils from Spring Brook Upper travelled up to the Avro football pitch to meet up with some students and staff from the Springboard Project and see some of the facilities there, and also play some football of course. It was a great afternoon, our pupils from SBU were superbly behaved and enjoyed their time there.

On Friday morning one of the groups of Year 6’s travelled to Spring Brook Upper to have a good look around and enjoy a trampolining lesson with myself and my assistant Year 8 coach Leshay who was helping the younger students with their techniques – and showing off his skills of course!!! It was a superb session and everyone enjoyed their time bouncing around!

For the John Muir Award this week Mr Coldwell’s class joined Watson the greyhound for an adventure in, around and under Hope Woodland on Snake Pass. We experienced the huge temperature changes as we walked in and out of the heavily forested area and couldn’t believe how clean the water was coming down from the top of the peaks. We also found a huge, pitch black tunnel that Kyren and Patrick just had to explore. Watson led the way through the darkness and then up and over about 3 waterfalls as we climbed up the stream. It’s a good job it hasn’t rained for a while!

I’m looking forward to more transitions next week and also preparing for our Year 9 camping trip in a couple of weeks.

It has been a pleasure to welcome new students to visit this week as part of their extended transition from Year 6 to Year 7. This week we welcomed Class 1 from lower school and Codie from another local school. The transition visits are now planned and Mr Roscoe has been in touch with all of our families.

We look forward to our new students who are visiting next week also in all year groups.

Happy Friday everyone! Fingers crossed for the football tonight if you are watching.

Miss Rodgers

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