25 Jun

Hello and welcome to another blog. Transition visits have gone well this week. We have welcomed our Y6 students and our Y9 students have visited the Project. It has been lovely to see new faces in school and this morning the Year 9 students were warmly welcomed by the students and staff at Springboard.

It’s good to reflect on the year gone by and this week we celebrated National Thank a Teacher Day on 23rd June. All of our teaching and support staff make this school a wonderful place to be. Let’s have a look at some of the learning this week here at the academy starting with Miss Crossley’s class..

This term SBU2 have been using media literacy techniques to analyse the documentary film Blackfish. Pupils have been forming opinions about the ethical issues raised within the documentary and participating in debate and class discussions about what they have watched, independently researched and learnt in other curriculum areas. In English lessons we are working on developing our persuasive technique in order to plan, write and present a reasoned and structured argument to encourage others to come around to our way of thinking. Watch this space!

In our STEM lesson, SBU2 explored measure, scale and dimension by creating a to-scale drawing of Tilikum (a male Orca that has developed an aggression towards humans while being in captivity) and his housing unit. Applying context and visualisation allowed the students to empathise with the whale’s plight and suggest potential explanations for his aggression.

As you can see, SBU2 have produced some fantastic artwork to depict Orca whales whose life cycle, physical features and characteristics we have been studying in our Science lessons.

We have then built on our knowledge of marine animals in Citizenship lessons where we have completed work on The Environment, Climate Change, Plastic Pollution and Stewardship, focusing on the recent work of Greta Thunberg and other young people who have made a positive impact on the environment.

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Mr Hopkins hasn’t let the rain put him off this week..

This week has been more dedicated to the outdoors with me at SBU – which is typical seeing as it’s started raining!!! It didn’t dampen our spirits though as on Thursday Mr Mulllins’ year 9 group went out on a 10km hike to prepare them for their camping trip in 2 weeks where they’ll have to walk for 2 days and camp in between. During the 10km walk we practised putting up tents and carried different gear in rucksacks plus had some time for exploring tunnels and walking in rivers of course!! The group were excellent and I think they’re more than ready for the 2 days adventuring!

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On Friday we began finishing off the John Muir Award for this year by taking 3 classes out to Longdendale Environmental Centre for the ‘Conserve’ part of the award. It is important that we all have an active role in conserving and preserving our countryside and it is something we constantly talk about when we are out adventuring in the countryside. Today we met with Neil, a Peak National Park ranger who asked us to complete 2 tasks so we split into 2 groups. 1 group went out to dam a running stream and dig out a pond so that frogs could establish and breed which would help the local plant life and 1 group had to install a drain to allow a stream to pass underneath a footpath so that the footpath was not so boggy. They dug out a trench and installed some piping before filling it over to make a natural bridge across the stream.

Both tasks involved a lot of hard work (and mud!) and our pupils were fantastic doing a great job using the mitres and spades they were provided with. Neil emailed me following our visit asking when we were back again (early July time) and to say thank you for doing 2 difficult jobs so quickly. Well done everyone!!!

See you all next week ~ Mr Hopkins

Miss Crossley and Mr Roscoe were excited to welcome some of Spring Brook Lower’s Year 6s who will be joining us in September to engage in some activities this morning at Upper School. Miss Fisher’s class impressed with their problem-solving abilities and effective communication and teamwork skills during a series of challenges:

  • Challenge 1 saw Zoe and Jasmine tasked with turning all the chairs in the room upside down. They set to their task, confusing their classmates in the process! Team 2 were tasked with placing each chair in the room in a circle, and Team 3 were tasked with placing each chair in the room next to its pair. After a surprisingly small amount of chair-wresting, Tyreece suggested that the task could be completed by placing all chairs upside down, in pairs and in a circle! Tyreece was then able to direct his classmates to successfully completing the task – fantastic leadership skills Tyreece!
  • Challenge 2 saw the pupils work together to form a pathway to exit the classroom – without stepping on the floor! It was lovely to see such fantastic communication skills from pupils confident in their problem-solving abilities! Needless to say they were out of the classroom before Miss Crossley could blink!

As a reward for their hard work and speedy completion of their challenges, Miss Crossley introduced the class to her favourite game: “Poop the potato” – a video speaks a thousand words for this one! Well done Yellow team for a fantastic win!

Lastly the Year 6s rounded off their visit with a trip to Spring Brook Upper’s secret clearing, where pupils enjoyed playing on the tyre swing and planning den-building activities for their future social times at Upper School. We look forward to welcoming the pupils back for transition day before they join us again in September as High School students!

As we plan for the end of term, watch this space for news about our end of year trip to Alton Towers, Sports Day, reports and Y6 to Y7 parents’ open evening.

Busy, busy, busy!

On that note, I am studying all weekend gaining another qualification. Learning new things is life long. I’m really excited about my weekend of learning. I will share the news about what I have learnt in the next blog.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and continue to stay safe.

Miss Rodgers

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