02 Jul

Welcome back to another blog.  Last week I was very excited about new learning.  I spent the weekend in a wonderful place called The Sanctuary of Healing studying.  It really was hard to finish work and then spend Saturday and Sunday studying.  I can now share with you that I am a qualified IEMT Practitioner.  This is eye movement therapy.  It is particularly good at removing immediate or past trauma.  Working with stuck identity and bringing positive change.  Another thing in my toolkit to support our staff and students’ well-being!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s match England Vs Ukraine.  I wonder what team Mr Pidlyskyj will be supporting?  This week I have really enjoyed football.  A game of stamina and strength, focus and resilience.  Let’s hope the England team do well on Saturday!

As we are quickly approaching the end of term, a few polite reminders:

  • The structure of the school day remains on timetable
  • School uniform should be worn every day
  • Please continue to follow the Covid 19 rules

We are continuing with the lateral flow tests x 2 per week. If you test positive please book a PCR test and DO NOT come into school.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation, many schools have had to close bubbles as the infection rate across Greater Manchester has risen this past week.

We are planning a Sports Day and we are hoping to visit Alton Towers on Tuesday, however, these planned events are restrictions permitting and this could be subject to change.

Let’s have a look at what the students have been doing this week at the academy. I know that Isiah’s class were making Rocky Road, they promised me some and guess what? They didn’t find their way to my office – I think they must have tasted too nice and they ate them all! Maybe next time….?

Mr Coldwell’s class have been working hard..

We have had a very positive week in SBU5 with almost all students reaching their behaviour target of 80%.

We have also been in the community working on our social skills during the good weather. This week we made crepes in cooking which I must say were very tasty.

Ms Power’s class have been equally busy..

SBU3 have continued our topic looking at film and using this to guide our English work. This week we have learned about different camera shots and how they are used for effect, playing a very competitive game of bingo looking for each type of shot while watching a film clip. We have also continued to think about setting and colour and have used this to write short descriptive paragraphs using the clips as a stimulus. 

In History we have learned about the Ku Klux Klan and the murder of Emmett Till, we have used this to think about our own society and themes across history that we recognise today. In the kitchen this week we made Rocky Road, well done to Isiah in particular for fantastic behaviour in the kitchen this week. 

Now over to Mr Hopkins..

Only a short one this week as I completely forgot to take any pics except from today!! Sorry!

It is one of my favourite times of year here at Spring Brook Upper as we get involved with some athletics activities in PE. In a very similar fashion to when we have our fitness challenges, our pupils get very competitive. The beauty of fitness and athletics is that while there is undoubtedly some competitiveness between pupils, because of the positive ethos of the school the pupils have learned to be competitive at bettering themselves and pushing themselves further than they think they can to beat their own score/time/distance.

This week and next week we tackle the high jump which is most definitely a school favourite. For these lessons we experiment with different jumping styles and techniques, discuss pros and cons and then evaluate what is best for each individual. Unfortunately no photos this week but check back next week and hopefully we’ll have some great action shots!

With all of the trampolining we have been doing in PE recently, our pupils were excited to get the trampoline back out for our Friday rewards afternoon. What impressed me most was that after our trampoline lessons a few weeks ago all of our pupils can set up the trampoline together quickly and safely without any help! 

Also, the Friday’s more relaxed atmosphere allowed our pupils to properly coach each other on different techniques, build up their confidence at speaking in front of others and practise their leadership skills. In particular Leshay and Kyren were fantastic coaches!

With any luck it will be a very exciting week next week and I should be back with some amazing stories and great pictures – fingers crossed! ~ Mr Hopkins

So, another week completed this term.  I was humbled to read all of the reports and to add my Head Teacher’s comments.  Parents and carers, reports will either be handed to you next week or posted.  If you would like to discuss the report via Teams or phone, please call the office to book an appointment.  I am so proud of every individual and their teaching teams here at the academy.  Even during this pandemic, the teams have ensured that our students have continued to make progress with their learning and emotional regulation.  We know that some families have experienced trauma, loss and pain in a variety of ways thoughout the pandemic.  We are here to support and reach out to you all if you need help, signposting or advice.

I will leave you with this thought….

Miss Rodgers

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