16 Jul

As we approach the end of this academic year, we reflect on the wonderful things that have passed.  I am truly very lucky and privileged to lead a team of educators who are so inspiring and dedicated to our young people.  Our newsletter will go out on Monday with news that reflects the brilliant journey over the last academic year here at Spring Brook.

For me there have been many highlights: Watson the dog, our chickens hatching and being nurtured and cared for by our students, Year 9 camping trip, many of the amazing explorations with the John Muir awards, seeing the academic progression in our students’ learning journeys…….the list goes on. I have the most amazing job in the world.

Over to see what the class teachers have to say, starting with Miss Crossley..

This week, SBU2 have finalised their letters to Marc Swanson, CEO of SeaWorld Orlando. Our letters aim to persuade Marc to rethink his morally questionable business model and release SeaWorld owned Orcas into the wild, or open ocean pens. SBU2 have developed their own thoughts and opinions on this matter and used evidence to support their points. I think you’ll agree that they can be a very persuasive bunch!

I’d like to mention how incredibly proud of SBU2 myself and Mr Moxon are this year; transitioning to a new school is a monumental step in any young person’s life, doing it in the middle of a pandemic with much fewer transitional activities than we would have liked could have been a struggle. SBU2 have embraced their new school and routines and made fantastic progress with their academic ability as well as emotional regulation, social skills and maturity. Each pupil has made a fantastic start to their time here at Spring Brook and I look forwards to enjoying the last few days of Year 7 with them and seeing them flourish in their new Year 8 class next year.

Now to Ms Power..

What a great end to the year we are having in SBU3. The pupils are really demonstrating how much progress they have made since joining the school, showing increased resilience and maturity, and willingness to reflect when things have gone wrong. It’s easy to forget about this kind of progress but it is so important as they move into their new class groups.

Some of the biggest improvements have been in their approach to playing board games, turn taking and using appropriate social behaviour. The competition has been high this week with a very tense Monopoly game spanning several days! Pupils who were incredibly reluctant to read aloud in class are now volunteering to do so, and pupils who would refuse to participate in team activities are now playing football during social times.

Well done to Cody for his amazing progress in English, he is confidently talking about shot types and visualising poetry. Brilliant work!

We have been back in the kitchen this week making breakfast omelettes.

We have been all over the place this year, visiting lots of parks and countryside. St Annes, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and more! We have one more trip to go, Blackpool Zoo on Tuesday. We can’t wait!

It has been brilliant spending this year with SBU3 and I wish all the pupils the best success in their new class groups!

As promised, Mr Hopkins has all the details of some very exciting activities..

My blog for this week highlights two amazing experiences over the last 10 days which have been a fantastic end to what has been a disruptive year.

Firstly, last Thursday Mr Mullins’ year 9’s went out on their camping expedition to both satisfy their John Muir Award and to celebrate their time at Spring Brook Upper School before transitioning onwards and upwards to Springboard.

The class had been in school preparing for the trip over the last 2 months – walking further, putting up tents and getting used to the equipment until finally last week it was time to go out on the expedition.
We got dropped off on top of Snake Pass with all of our gear in our backpacks and hiked 22km over the top of Bleaklow, through Tintwistle and up to Swineshaw Reservoir, only stopping to explore the airplane crash site on top of the hills and eat as much as possible on our food stops! We pitched tents at a local campsite and cooked our tea, toasted marshmallows and played manhunt in the dark before getting some rest. The next day we rose at 7am, cooked egg and bacon butties and packed up the campsite before walking another 13km down through Hollingworth and the waiting minibus in Broadbottom.

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The class were absolutely fantastic and spoke to lots of members of the public who stopped and asked what they were up to and they were also great at supporting each other the whole time, nicknaming themselves ‘The Wolf Pack’ which was extremely apt as they really did work together throughout the whole experience. Well done everyone!!

Secondly, on Monday we took 2 classes out to do their John Muir Award conservation work with the Longdendale Rangers on the Longdendale Trail. Here we took loppers and saws to clear the bushes and trees that were encroaching on the trail and stopping horses and cyclists using the path safely. Our pupils were fantastic at using the equipment, listening to the rangers and cutting the vegetation back so that it would still grow properly but not interfere with the path. This experience also gave our pupils some work experience as to what it could be like if they worked in the outdoors in the future.

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Everyone did a great job so well done!

These experiences have made me very proud this week of what our children are capable of and how positively they respond to the challenges put in front of them. I wish the year 9’s all the very best as they move up and will certainly miss every single one of them. ~ Mr hopkins

As we tie up this academic year and look forward to the next, here are a few reminders for you:

  • School finishes on Wednesday 21st at 3pm.
  • Students should continue to wear uniform – you can buy new uniform at the office.
  • Wednesday is a sports / activities day and students should wear sports clothes they don’t mind getting dirty or wet.
  • A letter is coming home about Covid and testing during the holidays – watch out for this.
  • Students return to school on Monday 6th September.

As we get ready to welcome our new year 6 students in September, we will also be very saddened to say goodbye to our wonderful year 9 students.  They have been great ambassadors for our school, amazing peer mentors to our younger students and just a total delight to be around.  We will have a mini graduation ceremony at the end of Sports Day on Wednesday to wish them well.  Look out for the photos of them and me crying on Wednesday.

Finally, can I thank all families for your continued support and understanding over this last year. It has been a very challenging year for us.

Please enjoy the summer holidays and stay safe.

Best wishes to you all,

Miss Rodgers

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