Cathy Williams

I have been a parent governor at New Bridge for 7 years. I have a daughter at the school who is in Year 13. I volunteered to be a parent governor because I think it is very important that parents have a voice in the education of our children.

I am a passionate believer that all children should be given the opportunity to be as independent as they can be. I am very interested in the school’s move to develop the Life Skills curriculum. To me, it is as important for our children to learn how to live in society as it is to gain academic skills. I also attend the student council meetings to find out how students feel about the school and what input they have in decision making.

I spend my time caring for my daughter and doing part time casual hours in the various libraries in the borough. I am also involved with Parents of Oldham in Touch (POINT). I volunteer to support parents with DLA and PIP applications. I was secretary of Oldham Support Group for Carers in Autism (OSCA) for a number of years and helped to secure funding to run social activities for the group.