Welcome to Spring Brook Upper School

My name is Mel Rodgers and I am the Head of our Key Stage 3 provision.

At Spring Brook, we always put the needs of our young people first and we work hard to ensure these are met by our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff. The majority of our pupils travel from all areas of Oldham, some move from mainstream schools while others have joined us from establishments outside the Authority to take advantage of the innovative curriculum and personalised learning programmes which Spring Brook offers.

Our curriculum is delivered by a team of well-qualified teachers and support staff to groups in which favourable staff to student ratios are maintained. The organisation of the school currently is running a ‘school within a school’, with Key Stage 3 and Key Stages 4 and 5 based in their own areas of the building.

Key Stage 3 offers a joined up, topic based curriculum which suits our learners needs. The school also operates specialised intervention groups where pupils can focus on the development of a range of skills from social, emotional and mental health to reading, writing and comprehension with Maths interventions also taught.

At Key Stage 3 the groups are taught by one class teacher with support staff. Groups are taught by specialist subject experts for PE, Creative Studies and ICT.

Great emphasis is placed on our young people becoming involved in the community, using and visiting local shops and places of interest and developing independence skills by using public transport with appropriate levels of support from staff. Inclusion opportunities are actively promoted and supported.

Spring Brook Academy is a unique place where pupils are nurtured and developed to encourage independence and skills for life, and their social, emotional and mental health needs are at the forefront of our work. We also have a primary department which is located in Oldham and you can visit their website here.

Our school became a member of the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in December 2016, joining New Bridge School, New Bridge Learning Centre and Hollinwood Academy. The MAT belongs to the New Bridge Group and our young people now benefit from the shared expertise and resources available as part of a thriving and innovative organisation.

Our website aims to provide you with key information, curriculum insight and news on the school. It’s also a valuable resource for pupils and parents/carers to help keep everyone involved and up-to-date. If you are unable to find the information you require, please contact us. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

Myself and the staff at Spring Brook look forward to working with you,

Mel Rodgers, Head of School