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There’s no ‘I’ in team

I’m actually writing this blog from home after what has been a difficult few days for our entire Group. The ‘Beast from the East’ finally arrived as predicted and Mr Quinn made the difficult decision to shut the sites. I have worked for our Group since it first formed and I know this decision is not taken lightly – in fact the last time we shut was in the bad winter and big snowfall of 2011!!! When events like this occur, we really get see the powerful effect of social media as all announcements are updated on our websites and then shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Last week I had a short spell in hospital with my eldest daughter. Whilst waiting in A & E, I spent a good period of time watching the doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff constantly working and ensuring that everyone in the waiting area was safe and well. This really got me thinking about our staff at Spring Brook and how hard everyone works to get the best outcomes for our young people.

When I finally got to school on Wednesday morning (after battling the first fall of snow) I was greeted by Mr Sefton who was clearing the site to ensure the pupils and staff were safe from the perilous ice on Dean Street..

When I got into school, I found the site auxiliary staff had done a brilliant job of ensuring that the school is clean and tidy, as they do every morning (and evening).

When transport decided that the routes were too dangerous, Lyndsay Coulbeck, our administrator, was busy on the phone to parents and carers advising them what was happening with the school day..

..and Natalie Loftus, our receptionist was doing the same..

Mr Smith was ensuring all our ICT was working up to speed and the phones were in order..

All the staff managed to make it through the snow and into work (a feat in itself!) and the day began, although with fewer pupils than normal. So the staff team set to and began to work on reports and the dashboard, our system of reporting and recording pupil progress. Our school cook, Sue, made sure we were catered for and by lunchtime Mr Abedin had cooked for the whole staff team..

..including a special dish for Miss Rodgers..

We managed to sit down and eat a delicious meal – a really rare occasion as on a normal day our staff supervise pupils at lunch, run activities and plan for the afternoon session. It was so nice and it gave us, as a team, time to talk (and eat – 2 of my favourite activities!). By the afternoon session we began to shut the school down in preparation for the trek home.

Although it was a very different day, it really made me think how we are one big work family and how much myself and Miss Rodgers appreciate everything the staff do and how hard they work, day in, day out. They all make a massive contribution to the success of how Dean Street works and runs….proving that there is no ‘I’ in team.

Speaking of which, last week we welcomed a new member of staff to our Dean Street team – Mr Molloy. I asked Mr Mollloy to give us a little ‘pen portrait’ of himself and his past experiences and roles..

My Name is Steve Molloy, I have just recently started work as the Vocational Pathway Co-ordinator at the New Bridge Group.

My experience is in and around sport and event planning, I was a Professional Rugby Player for 17 years..

..and have worked in sport for over 25 years in one capacity or another, working in Sport Development and for a leading National Governing Body.

Over the past 6 years I had been working in Further Education in the Greater Manchester area where I was a tutor. In this capacity I supported and developed the delivery of traineeship and apprenticeship programmes while co-ordinating work experience opportunities for students.

I hope to guide and support the New Bridge students to work opportunities and career pathways that interest each individual, while also helping create a unique educational curriculum.

Miss Tokelove’s group have been working hard to complete their GCSE photography and have been out and about taking lots of photos to build up their portfolios ready for the exam. This week they went to The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester for some inspiration..

Next week we will have some pictures of their stunning Art work to show you!

Finally, we say ‘adieu’ to Mr Quinn who has been with us since September. Mr Quinn, our team captain, is moving sites again back to New Bridge so there will be no more talk of how well Bury is doing in League 1. Thank you for all your support over these past few months from myself and Miss Rodgers, we know the Upper School will certainly miss you.

So that’s it from this snowy week, we’re looking forward to getting back to normal on Monday!

Stay safe and warm this weekend,

Mrs Tootill
Head of Springboard Project

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