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This week I have been in lots of meetings, mainly with our directors and trustees. This has been a perfect opportunity to discuss all of the positive things that are happening here at Spring Brook Academy. The week started off with our personnel board where we discuss staffing matters. Here Mrs Tootill and I talked about the positive changes to the staff team here at Spring Brook. As Mrs T. wrote in her last blog, there is no I in team here. We have a committed range of staff from our site manager, cook and our auxiliary team. Our teaching staff and apprentices really do work hard to ensure that the needs of our students are met and catered for.

Tuesday’s board meetings were all about safeguarding, attendance and child protection. Whilst we have improved our attendance we need to work on this more. Thank you to the parents and carers who follow procedure and phone school to let us know if your child is poorly or has a medical appointment.

Wednesday’s board meetings were our standards and ‘learning for life’ boards. We discussed with our trustees how we measure progress and attainment, not just in the academic subjects but also in our progress with social and emotional skills and getting our pupils ready for the world of work and training or future educational aspirations. In between all of this, Mrs T. and I have been catching up with lesson observations in school. It is always a privilege of ours to be able to go into lessons to observe teaching and learning. We have seen some good to outstanding lessons.

On Wednesday Danny Aspin from Positive Steps came into school to do an assembly about drugs awareness. This was well received by our pupils. Thank you Danny….we are looking forward to your next assembly..

Let’s see what Mrs Young’s class have been up..

This week in Literacy we have started preparing ourselves to write a story, just like the Brothers Grimm did in the past. We thought about a possible title, setting and of course the main character. Connor did exceptionally well in creating a draft of his fairy tale, which he is going to work on and improve over the next few weeks..

In Maths, we learnt about polygons and quadrilateral shapes. The class liked using the spaghetti sticks and playdough to create all the shapes. We looked at the characteristic features of the shapes and tried to apply our knowledge in completing a few written tasks..

In Citizenship we talked about Rosa Parks and the importance of her actions. We analysed what racism is, what it stems from and how vital it is to see more similarities between people than differences. The boys were very vocal and eager to share their opinions about the topic, which made the conversation very engaging.

In History we finally concluded our last term’s topic of The Great Plague and the Great Fire of London. We learnt about all the changes which were introduced after the Great Fire to help improve the lives of people who survived both of the tragedies.

In Craft we worked really hard to get everything ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday. The main motif was to make something ‘handmade with love’. We decided to make our own cards and decorate tote bags with letters made of fabric and to challenge ourselves even more… we used hand stitching instead of a sewing machine!!! Connor and Callon have done such an amazing and I am very proud of them both..

We also made some chocolate hearts made out of chocolate, M&Ms and Haribo mix..

Just have a look at those gifts…they are simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

They really are beautiful gifts!! Let’s look at what the Nurture Group have been up to..

We have had another busy week in the Nurture Group with all the group coming back full of snow reports. After a telephone call to James’ carer to see how he was enjoying his move to the New Bridge site, they said “he was really happy and wants to get up early to go to school.” The staff and boys in the Nurture Group are really pleased that James is settled.

In Maths the group have continued to look at fractions, these lessons were started just before the snow days. All the group are working well and are getting to understand the different ways of writing part of a number..

This week we have made Mother’s Day cards and keyrings, with the boys taking them home for weekend..

The boys were that impressed they wanted to make one for themselves, which they did in our craft lesson. These will be finished for next week’s blog.

On Thursday we had a visit from Jo from MIND Set. The group really enjoyed the sessions and actively took part in all the activities..

In our food technology lesson the group made ham and pasta in a white sauce with garlic bread. The boys worked independently following the staff instructions. The boys enjoyed having a taste before taking the rest home for their tea..

Well done boys, you have worked well!

Fantastic Nurture Group – your Mums and carers will love those Mother’s Day gifts and cards! Due to lots of new admissions into Spring Brook Academy we have opened a new class in Key Stage three. Let’s see what Nurture 2 have been learning this week…

We have had a very positive and productive week….which is our class motto!

In our topic lesson we are learning about Italy and have decided to look into Ancient Rome. Here is a fantastic sketch drawing of a Gladiator, labelled with the armour a Gladiator would be wearing before a fight in the Colosseum by Kaiden..

Carrying on the Italian theme, on Monday we made home-made pepperoni pizza!

Buon appetito!

Kaiden also achieved lots of certificates in our Friday celebration assembly, well done! Over to Year 9 and Miss Brown..

Year 9 have been working hard in the gym..

After a week of ups and downs they have ended their time together on a high. All of the learners spent time working together as a team, it made a nice change this afternoon to end the week. Happy weekend Year 9, well done!

In Design Technology the boys have been making Mother’s Day presents, how lovely..

We ended the week with a great celebration assembly. Everyone cheered for Leo who finally got a certificate in assembly..

A well done also goes to Leon for Year 9 Pupil of the Week..

Shaun cleared up lots of certificate and achieved Leaders Pupil of the Week and Keele is taking home lots of certificates too. Another great week for Spring Brook Academy!

Can I wish all our special ladies a very Happy Mothering Sunday this Sunday? I hope that your Mother’s Day is special and that you enjoy your gifts and cards.

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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