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I can’t believe we have reached the end of the Spring term (although the weather is definitely not a reflection of this – so much for seeing the last of the snow!). Miss Rodgers and I have been busy watching some fantastic lessons and it’s brilliant to see our young people engaging in a curriculum offer which is exciting and challenging – a great way to finish the term at Dean Street!

As you know, my theme this half term has been around teamwork. Over the last week or so we have been working closely with our local community and looking at the part they play towards enabling our site to run safely. We have always had a brilliant relationship with Greater Manchester Police and last year our 2 local officers came to speak to Key Stage 4. Mr Molloy is now meeting with the local police and neighbourhood PCSOs to look at how we can ensure there is community cohesion between ourselves and the residents within the local area. The pupils and staff have become accustomed to the police dropping in and having a quick chat (in fact last week I actually had a quick guided tour of one of their vehicles)..

We also celebrated World Book Day which had been postponed due to the snow. The staff dressed up accordingly – Miss Brown in her former uniform..

..Mr Molloy as a cockroach (not his former attire!)..

..whilst myself and Miss Rodgers were Maleficent and Lady Macbeth (no puns please about the Heads of Site being witches!!!!!).

Although we are a little distance away from the main New Bridge campus, we still maintain strong links and teamwork with the rest of the Group. Miss Rodgers and I have been involved in meetings with the Trustees and it’s brilliant to see how we’ve all worked together to ensure the best outcomes for our young people. Now that Mr Quinn is based at New Bridge, Levi made a request to pop across and see him – well, really I think it was more to do with tormenting him about his beloved Bury boys..

Whilst we were at the site, Levi was able to showcase his Living Skills to Mrs Righini and Mr Woodworth, our new Finance Director. Levi is a great cook and he made us a very impressive chocolate cake last week – in keeping with the spirit of teamwork, I kindly ate Miss Rodgers’ piece as she’d given up chocolate for Lent..

We also work closely with some of the New Bridge pathway groups. Matthew has made a successful transition to Activ8 and this week it was the turn of Leon. Leon’s taster session was actually done at the City ground where he played alongside some of the ‘older statesmen’ of Activ8, Matthew and Charlie..

More about this next term! Speaking of old team mates, I was attending my daughters’ parents’ evening at Oldham Sixth Form college when I was told by one of the mentees on the night that I ‘was not allowed to park there, BOSS!!!!’ – yes, it was the one and only Jack Bayley! It was brilliant to see Jack and I was able to talk to the Head of PE, Chris Arnold, about how well Jack has settled into the sixth form and how he continues to promote Andy’s Man Club. Jack was very much a team player at New Bridge and he continues to be a brilliant ambassador – not only for our Group but also in his work supporting mental health and promoting the message #itsokaytotalk

My other team – my Springboard team – continues to grow as the project develops. I met last week with our building contractors and the interior of the building is really beginning to take shape. It’s so exciting to see where all the different rooms fit and how we will use the space to its maximum. I also met last week with Mrs Righini, our ICT team and my ICT advisor, Mr Wild. Again, this  side of the project is really gathering momentum and it’s great to think that this time next year we will be moving to the new site.

That’s about it for this term, roll on the Summer and the excitement it brings. Miss Rodgers and I have sent out a reminder through the post around some issues we want to work on next term. We’ve always prided ourselves on being part of the Spring Brook/Springboard team and we are having a big ‘push’ towards everyone wearing the correct uniform, namely the blue Spring Brook top and dark trousers/skirts.  An order form has gone out with the letter and we are asking all parents and carers to support us on this.

I hope everyone has a great break and we will see you for the start of the Summer term on Monday 16th April,

Mrs Tootill
Head of Springboard Project

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