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The highlight of my week this week was being such a proud Head Teacher. Proud of the MAT’s performance of The Greatest Show. I sat crying watching Mark and Leo and Connor on huge screens trampolining in the Greatest Show. The production was amazing. It was so nice to see all of the children in the MAT working together with such confidence and enjoying them performing. Sitting in the audience with my son listening to other parents speaking very highly about both Spring Brook Schools also made me feel very proud..

Let’s have a look at the Spring Brook Key Stage 3 classes and see their news, starting with Mr Mullins’ class..

Upon returning from their Easter break, the class have jumped straight into all things Black Death related. They have already debated the worst aspects of life during this time and used this to scaffold their own learning in producing a recount from the perspective of a peasant. They may be off donuts for a while mind, as we used these to demonstrate some of the ‘bursting buboes’!

We have since moved on to hot seating a main character from a short animated clip linked to our topic, along with applying our knowledge of speech punctuation.

In Maths, we have focused on percentages, decimals and fractions. The boys deserve huge recognition for persevering with this aspect of their learning..

This positive attitude has fed into our Citizenship lessons where we have explored different feelings and emotions. They continue to approach it with a level of maturity and it has been a pleasure to witness some of the collaborative learning and honest, frank discussions between the group.

Finally in Geography, we are focusing on our local area and the profile of Oldham. The class have also carried out a traffic survey around our school. This allowed the group to further reflect on their social skills outside of the classroom..

A superb start of the term, something I am sure will continue in the coming weeks.

Mrs Young’s class..

In Literacy we focused on practising the reciprocal reading technique. Our cross curricular topic was The Slave Trade. The boys worked really hard on improving their question forming skills and managed to read and discuss poems dating back to the 19th century.

In our History lessons we focused on the trigger points for introducing slavery in Europe and The USA. The boys gained knowledge about the Middle Passage, its horrid conditions and how The Triangular Trade worked..

We discussed Slave Auctions and we even listened to Oscar Brown Jr.’s song about slave auctions..

The boys found the topic very heart breaking and they were shocked to learn about the ordeal of Kunta Kinte. We concluded our topic with Abraham Lincoln and learnt about the part he played in abolishing slavery.

In Maths we focused on fractions, percentages and decimals. It was one of the most challenging topics in this subject but most of them persevered and managed to complete the unit.

We also been working on time..

In Science we finished discussing Volcanoes and as our final session we designed and carried out a scientific experiment imitating the eruption of volcanoes. Connor and Jayden LOVED it!!!

We then continued with the Human Body and learnt about a balanced diet, nutrition and bones and muscles.

We hope you enjoyed this snapshot of what we have been up to recently.

Miss Price’s class..

This week’s learning and achievements! In Maths the students have been recapping on BIDMAS. Each student worked extremely hard and overcame the challenges of independently answering BIDMAS questions. I have been extremely proud of their hard work and determination.

Science was the highlight of the week for the students. The students took part in an experiment, which allowed them to create volcanoes and lava. The students wrote down their step by step instructions and followed them correctly.

In food technology the students made chicken fajitas. The students enjoyed themselves and there was not enough time to take pictures of the final product, as the students had demolished them all!

Mr Roscoe’s class..

SBA2 have been introduced to properties of shapes and angles within shapes within mathematics. In Maths, SBA2 have become much more independent this week. In Literacy we have been working on poetry and rhyming. The class have been able to use an online rhyming tool to rhyme words relating to their topic. Mr Stewart has also taught in our class this week where the class were taught about a range of triangles and angles within triangles.

The boys have really enjoyed their lessons with Mr Southerington..

..although it’s not been all work..

Daniel was really pleased with his pyramid..

NK has been working hard at Oldham boxing and has been rewarded with an Oldham boxing t-shirt..

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend everyone and enjoy the extra day.

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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