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This week we are celebrating our values here at Spring Brook.

We are caring: we have welcomed two new students into our school, James and Michael. Dylan has been a very good friend and welcomed the boys into our Spring Brook family.

Mr Mullins’ class have welcome Michael into their class.

We are creative: Dylan and James made these lovely key rings this week in Design Technology using our laser cutting machine. Thank you for our gifts boys. you have made my week..

We are inspiring: our teaching and learning inspires and motivates our SEMH learners to engage in a topic based curriculum. Look at the awe and wonder on the students’ faces in Miss Price’s class. She is teaching them about cures for the Black Death..

They tested it out on Mr Southerington – who informed me later that evening that he felt unwell. Great sport, Mr S.!

Thankfully he was feeling better today..

Friday afternoon brought some sunshine to Dean Street, and it was a perfect opportunity for our pupils to try something new – Golf.

Mr Southerington picked out a couple of putters and wedges, and the inaugural Spring Brook Links Tournament began. The task was simple – get as close to the flag as you could..

Initially, there were a few misses, slice and hooks, but after some determination, our pupils started to get into the ‘swing’ of things (pun intended!)

Other pupils started to take note of what was happening and, inspired by what their friends were doing, asked to join in. Some staff were part of the action, unleashing their inner Tiger Woods..

The young people conducted themselves well, were considerate of their peers and gave support and encouragement to each other. I am also pleased to say that no windows were broken during the afternoon, and only a couple of balls were lost in the rough!

The pupils finished the session asking when they can next play, and can they go to a golf course – based on that response, do we inspire? You bet!

More examples of our inspiring teaching, firstly from Mr Roscoe who wanted to share some of the students’ work from today’s independent writing. They have also overcome lots of struggles with Algebra this week and they now feel confident in solving algebraic equations.

..and again from Mrs Walters’ Nurture Group..

The boys have had a brilliant week working hard in lots of subjects and different activities. In English the group wrote instructions of how to make a cup of tea, these were followed by staff. The boys soon began to realise how important it is to get them right..


Mitchell did remember to use a teaspoon! In Maths Jacob and Mitchell have been adding and subtracting fractions. Daniel has been adding, subtracting and finding like terms in algebra..

In food technology the group made a cheat’s chicken curry, they used fresh chicken and onions, adding a jar of korma sauce and serving it with microwave rice..

Thank you boys for a great week.

We are passionate: This week Mr Hopkins and Mr Daly embarked on the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition with Ewan and Marcell. You can read all about their adventures here.

We are innovative: A while ago I nominated Mrs Young for a teaching award in Maths. She is innovative in her approach to teaching Maths and is a truly outstanding teacher across all subjects. In fact, it was a really difficult decision because I could have nominated any of the teachers in Key Stage 3, they are all fantastic. A huge congratulations goes to Mrs Young for winning the Ray Gibbons Memorial Award for best Maths teacher. We are all very proud of you..

We trust each other: here at Spring Brook we are a team. We work hard together to move the school forward in every way that we can. This team is a very special team of people who share all of the above values and strive to be the very best they can be in order to make a difference to the young people that we work with every day. I want to extend a heart felt thank you to all of our team here at Spring Brook for their dedication and hard work this week especially.

Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine when it comes!

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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