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Another interesting week here at Dean Street. Our boys and staff never cease to amaze me. Despite daily challenges due to their conditions and their differences, they persevere and work though them. The boys attended an event at a sports venue in Manchester where they came under some undue criticism. Rightly so (and I am proud of you for doing this and you know who you are), the staff with the boys at the event stood up to the person criticising them and defended our boys. Thank you – I would have done the same if I was with the boys and I will be taking this matter further.

I often write in my blogs about our boys being misunderstood. Time and time again I remind people that not all disabilities can be seen, and some protected characteristics of these disabilities (as outlined in the Equalities Act) are as a result of young people having these lifelong disabilities. Their behaviours often are not through choice. I think society as a whole need to open their minds to this more.

On a more positive note then, Miss Kansik arranged a drugs education assembly which was presented by colleagues from Positive Steps. This was the feedback about our boys:

“Can you let the pupils who attended the assembly know that Jav and I were really impressed with their behaviour and attitude? It was better than most mainstream schools we deliver in to be honest!” ~ David and Jav

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Mr Mullins’ class have been sequencing the events of the Bayeux Tapestry and are busy finishing some impressive examples of persuasive writing to show you next week.

Mr Coldwell’s class have been working hard..

Lee and Kieran put lots of effort into their cooking lessons. They both made sure the place was left very clean without being prompted.

James has shown a far better attitude this week as he has been struggling over the last couple of weeks. He has shown resilience in difficult situations and used a timeout strategy well.

In Miss Mellor’s creative session, Keal and Kieran have been looking at mosaic patterns and have started their own mosaic. They have really enjoyed it and Kieran has picked a design that will take a while, so watch out for his finished piece..

I’m delighted with how Miss Crossley’s class are using the iPads..

They’ve also enjoyed getting very hands on..

How they have transformed their side room into a relaxation room is astounding work!

Mr Stewart has some wonderful pictures of this week’s John Muir’s adventure for us..

That’s it from Dean Street this week. Have a lovely weekend and if you do one thing this weekend, be a champion of hidden disabilities – try talking to someone about it to raise awareness.

It will soon be half term…..

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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