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Welcome back everyone. I hope that you all had a good half term. We have had such a great first week back following our holiday. My week got off to a great start on Monday and this set the tone for the rest of the week.

Monday was our INSET day. Spring Brook Upper staff were introduced to some NLP techniques. I qualified as a practitioner of NLP last summer, (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) and whilst I have been using some aspects of NLP with both our students and staff here at Spring Brook, I was really looking forward to doing some NLP with our whole staff team. We did an exercise around selective perception. It was interesting to watch how well this was received by this wonderful staff team. We used the analogy of a torch beam, this quote sprung to mind whilst doing this exercise:

“Seek to understand before you seek to be understood.” ~ Stephen Corey

Oh, and be curious about another person’s torch beam because it won’t be where you are shining yours!

Another exercise that we looked at was the power of language and the words that we use. We did an exercise to explore the metaphors that we use in life; we looked at the language and whether or not the metaphor served us well and how this in turn made us feel on the inside. Just changing one or two words in our metaphors proved to be really powerful and resulted in physiological changes in our bodies. For example, “My work is like mission impossible.” The word impossible was changed to compassion which is much more positive. Going forward I am looking at introducing more NLP to our staff so that they are mindful of how we choose words when we communicate with our students and now I know that they will all be thinking about where they shine their torch beams!

The afternoon concluded nicely with a talk from Professor Barry Carpenter about Mental Wealth. I could have listened to Barry talk for longer. It really was very insightful and inspiring. I would like to thank the head of our training and development department, Liz O’Shaughnessy, for booking Barry to come and speak to us and for the organisation of the day. So, on behalf of all of the team at Spring Brook Upper – “Thank you to Liz and her team @Everyone Learning.”

Let’s have a look at what learning has been happening here at Spring Brook this week. Mr Mullins’ class are learning about my favourite author. That’s right, Mr William Shakespeare..

Following the break and well-earned rest, the boys of SBA3 have picked up where they left off in maintaining a positive attitude towards their learning. Perhaps more impressive as we are delving into Shakespeare – not the easiest of topics, I am sure you will agree! They have embraced the Shakespearean language as we work towards unpicking text, looking at themes, symbols, style and tone. The boys have already established an understanding of idioms and were surprised at just how many phrases we still use today.

Across the other subjects, we are revisiting certain aspects of Tudor life and travelling across Europe – again, linking in with our work on Shakespeare. We will be identifying locations of his plays, comparing school life and prepping/cooking (and possibly tasting if they are brave enough) pottage! I suspect the boys will opt for their school dinners instead… Enjoy the weekend!

Impressive work, Mr Mullins’ class. I am really looking forward to World Book Day next Thursday 5th March where all staff and students will come to school dressed as a book character. Mr Mullins’ class, you have inspired me to come to school dressed as a Shakespearian Character! Watch this space…..

Mr Coldwell’s class have been having a flippin’ good time on Pancake Day..

Lee’s pancakes were excellent! Keal engaged in cooking for the 2nd time ever which was nice to see and they all cleaned up without being prompted – fantastic!

There has been a new arrival into Nurture Group in Mr Stewart’s class. We welcome our girl, Bethany. She is learning how to settle in to Spring Brook life..

Like I said earlier, next Thursday is World Book Day and you can find costume ideas here. Happy costume making!

I will leave you with a quote that Professor Barry Carpenter used in his training;

“Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time their bones are being formed and their mind is being developed. To them, we cannot say tomorrow; their name is today.” ~ Gabriel Mistal

Food for thought…… Enjoy the weekend.

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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