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This week at Spring Brook we celebrated World Book Day in true style. The team made a huge effort. Look at these costumes..

Great effort team Springy! Mr Southerington wasn’t at all impressed when I asked him to stay in his World Book Day costume when we arrived at lower school for a meeting….little did we know not one person there was in costume. One of the governors thought Mr Southerington was poorly because he was wearing his pyjamas!!!!!! Very funny indeed and a good sport Sir!

Let’s have a look at Miss Crossley’s class. Lots of fun learning and look at how they have transformed their side room.

In the last update, we showed you the hard work the boys had put in to painting our new ‘relaxation room’. They did a wonderful job and were left with a blank canvas to make their own. We have chosen to split the room into two areas, one for quiet learning or interventions away from the class and the other for relaxing during our free time. Here’s what we’ve done so far..

The boys have certainly got their use out of it so far!

To add some homely touches, the boys have decorated their new favourite space with their very own artwork, I’m particularly proud of the L.S. Lowry inspired work the boys completed last term.

We’re aiming to finish off our sculpture of a ‘Manchester Worker Bee’ to add to the room soon!

Last but by no means least, I’d like to really highlight SBA2’s incredible attitude to their new enterprise project; each member of our class has had a vital role in creating, developing, advertising and quality testing (their favourite part) our new Milkshake Business, led by managing director Amaan. The boys are developing and creating a range of different milkshakes to sell within school, this is very much a student-led project and the boys are well-motivated to work independently. They now have a loyal customer base and are hoping to expand their business around the trust – watch this space!

Over to Mrs Young’s Class now and lots of WOW English and Maths work. Excellent effort boys, I am really impressed..

Last term in English we focused on improving our reading comprehension skills. Our work was based on War Horse book and the boys became instantly hooked on the storyline. In our History lessons we discused crime and punishment across all the periods. All the pupils found this topic really engaging and towards the end of the term were able to compare various periods and explain all the reasons for the changes in the law enforcement governing bodies. In Science we focused on describing the movements of the Sun, Earth and Moon. Then the class explored how the rotation of Earth creates day and night. 

In Maths we have started a new topic, which is fractions. We used blocks and flash cards as visual aids to help the boys represent various values of fractions. The last couple of lessons we focused on showing how to identify a half, a quarter, three quarters and a whole.

It was nice to end the week with parents and carers who had visited our site from the lower school. We had a tour of the building, looked at classrooms and the unique learning spaces that we have here including reflection, the workshop and the food technology room. There were lots of positive comments from the parents and carers. Mr Southerington and I would like to say a warm ‘Thank-You’ for taking the time to come and visit us and our students here at Dean Street.

To end this week, I would like to encourage everyone to be kind to each other. Mrs Tootill wrote about this in her wonderful blog last week (click here if you haven’t seen it) and it has stuck with me all week. At Spring Brook this week we have had a few challenges where we have asked the boys to think about the words and their actions towards others who are different. We do lots of work here with the boys about their differences. So as we end another week together here at the academy, enjoy your weekend and try to do a random act of kindness. See how this will make you feel.

“In a world where we can be anything, be kind.”

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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