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Today we celebrate VE Day. I will be having a 2 minutes silence at 11am to remember all those who gave their lives.

“To those who gave so much, we thank you.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill, 8th May 1945

Normally, today would be a bank holiday and schools would be closed. I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to all the teachers up and down the country who are working today. Your teachers and school staff have worked through the last two bank holidays, the Easter holidays and they will be working through their May half terms to accommodate places at school for those who need them. We need to thank all of these staff for their commitment and hard work.

A big thank you especially to all our staff at Spring Brook Upper supporting learning in the hub at New Bridge and supporting our virtual learning. I wrote in last week’s blog about a new normal. As we plan for this in our schools, things are going to look and feel very different. We will not return to school until we can be sure it is safe to do so.

This week Spring Brook Upper staff welcomed Ellie from Spring Brook Lower. Ellie came into the hub and did some exciting things with Mr Southerington and Miss Crossley this week. I popped in to say hello to Ellie on Thursday. Spring Brook Upper staff are amazing. Have a look at what Ellie got up to this week..

Mr Southerington would like to add..

Today, we mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. 75 years ago, the guns fell silent in Europe as the Germans surrendered to the Allies after nearly 6 years of intense battle, which would change the world forever. 4 more months of fighting continued in the Pacific islands, which ultimately gave the Allies an unconditional victory against the Axis Powers. The Second World War was over and society was forever changed both with lives lost, and getting used to a different way of living.

Today, we salute and remember those people, from both sides of the battle, who were involved and affected by the War and celebrate victory against tyranny, and thank them for their sacrifice so we can have a better future.

It is especially poignant, as in 2020, we are facing our own battle, but instead of countries fighting against each other, the whole world has come together to support one another in times of uncertainty.

Together, we will beat Covid-19 – it is the human nature to succeed. We can all do our part in helping defeat this virus, by staying home, staying safe and following the government guidelines.

To echo Miss Rodgers, I’d like to thank all the key workers for their tireless hard work and dedication in these unprecedented times – NHS, carers, educators, distribution workers, and everyone who is helping keep the country safe and running, but also take a moment to remember the people who have been lost to this terrible disease, and their families who it has affected.

Can I say well done to those students who have produced things for the DT competition. If you haven’t done so yet, check out Showbie for the information.

If we were in school this week there would have been lots of VE Day celebrations including a garden party. I do hope that some of you will be celebrating today at home. Please send me photos if you are and we can share them on next week’s blog.

It has been really lovely speaking to some of you on the phone this week also. Missing you all lots, have a lovely weekend.

Sending love from my home to yours – keep washing those hands, stay home, stay safe!

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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