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Week 3 Update…


Take a look at this update from Week 3 at Spring Brook Upper!


Starting with Miss Mason Power’s Class…

“This week we have welcomed another new student to SBU4 and I have been really pleased with how the class have welcomed Harley. The pupils are also really demonstrating maturity at present and removing themselves from situations they are struggling with. Myself and Miss Davies have really noticed this, keep it up!

To mark International Peace Day this week we made collage doves as a representation of peace.

In Science this week we have continued our forces investigations, this time by looking at Air Resistance. We made parachutes from different materials and carefully ensured they were the same size. Our investigations showed that because the parachutes were the same size, they fell to the floor at the same rate no matter what they were made of.”

Mr Hopkins…

“It has been a busy week here at Spring Brook Upper School in both PE and Outdoor Education.

In PE the year 7 and 8 classes have been working on communication and being able to manage their emotions to win or lose well by working on some team activities and games. Mr Mullins’ year 9’s have been exploring their motivation and drive to achieve a team challenge of 2000 reps in 1 hour in the gym! This also allowed the class to learn how to use all of the gym equipment safely.

For the John Muir Award on Wednesday, Miss Powers’ class explored Hope Woodland on Snake Pass. It was an amazing morning as they went through a forest, over some mud, through a tunnel, up a waterfall and over the hill! It sounds more like a bear hunt but everyone was encouraging each other along the way and we heard lots of positive communication amongst the class.

Mr Stewart’s year 9 class on Thursday spent the whole day out for their John Muir Award. We went over to Cheshire and the Sandstone trail to walk around Bickerton Hill. We managed to find some nearly ripe corn, an old copper mine, a huge forest and the caves –  Muskets Hole and the Queens Cave! It was a great day as everyone learned a huge amount about the countryside, from farming and game hunting to how caves are formed. For some it was more tiring than others!

Watson the Greyhound has also been in on a Friday for the last 3 weeks and the pupils are enjoying hanging out with him again! This week Quinton and Aleah have loved walking him at break times!

Well done to everyone this week!”


Keep an eye across our social media this week to see what week 4 brings us!



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