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Highlights from the week…


The highlight of my week is always to be greeted by Watson on a Friday morning. Watson is our school dog who is the most chilled dog I have ever met. He is much loved here by his Spring Brook Family.

More highlights from this week have been doing assembly and presenting our students with their subject and behaviour awards. It really is a pleasure to end the week celebrating success. I am very proud of our student’s achievements and it is always a treat to visit the classrooms to award certificates. The best part of my job!

It is not only the students who I would like to mention this week. Our new staff have settled in well and are doing a great job. Big shouts go out this week to: Mr Roscoe, Miss Batchelor, Miss Butler, Mrs Power and Miss Simms.

I just want to say that you are doing a wonderful job.

Let’s have a look at the outdoor learning. Mr Hopkins always takes our students on great adventures, taking them out of their comfort zones, exploring wonderful places and focusing on the well being of our students.

“This week has been busy in the gym of SBU as the pupils have had their PE lessons learning how to use the gym equipment correctly and safely, and have explored which parts of the body that the gym equipment works. As part of achieving these objectives each class was set a team challenge of performing 2500 exercises in 1 hour! The determination and hard work to achieve the target was amazing to watch as everyone put in maximum effort and encouraged each other to keep going. Well done everyone!

The John Muir Award this week involved the year 9’s spending the whole day exploring Bickerton, the sandstone trail and the caves on Rawhead hill. Each group was fantastic, engaging in conversation with members of the public and learning about farming, how caves are formed and the ice age glaciers that created the great Cheshire plain. Of course we had some personal challenges too to encourage resilience, teamwork, curiosity and independence. These took the form of a gap jump, some activities in the caves, trying wild foods such as sweetcorn, blackberries and damsons, finding the cave moths and spiders and squeezing through a crawlspace in one of the caves. Our pupils were amazing and it was great to see them enjoying the quiet and engaging with the natural features of the countryside away from where they live.

Here’s to another good week next week!”

Mr Hopkins

Over to Mr Roscoe…


“A fantastic week for SBU 2!

We have made some gorgeous oreo cheesecakes in food technology, everybody loved them. In P.E, SBU 2 have beaten their target of completing 2000 different exercises as a class. The muscles have been worked this week.

In class, we have been looking at the book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and we have created some fantastic character descriptions.

Maths has been challenging this week, we have learnt about negative numbers and why we might use them. There’s still work to do but we are improving!

Special recognition to Harrison and Jack who have learnt their 9 times tables this week. They are so impressed with themselves.”


And an update from SBU4…

“We have seen some amazing art work in SBU4 this week, well done in particular to Carl for this fantastic Autumnal piece using oil pastels. This took a lot of time and patience and the result is stunning!

In science this week we continued our theme of Forces by learning about water resistance. We had a challenge to see who could use their knowledge of resistance and streamlining to build the most efficient boat. Well done to Harry for your great design!

As we progress through Autumn (my favourite season) I have noticed some wonderful rainbows this week, the colours changing in the trees and conkers! Some of our students enjoyed collecting conkers form the park this week. I think that Mr Roscoe and Mr Ross enjoyed this even more!

Have a great weekend and take pleasure from the simple things that make you smile.


Miss Rodgers


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