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Welcome back to another blog…

This week, I have had the pleasure of popping into lessons with Mr Southerington to have a look at what our students are learning. We have really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing work that the students have been doing.

All of our students are busy towards the end of the first half term working with their teaching teams to understand their targets.

We can see in Miss Crossley’s class one of their challenges is to be able to tie their own shoe laces.

I was lucky enough to see this class doing their speaking and listening and talk for writing. They were wonderful to watch.

After that, when they had gone home, I enjoyed reading their published stories.

Today, I showed a visitor around school and this class were busy making the front covers to their books.

Well done Miss Crossley’s class…

“This week, SBU1 have continued to impressed with their ‘heads down and learn’ attitude. We have accomplished many achievements, both in terms of academic learning and independence skills: SBU1 are well on their way to developing the independence skills needed for their own learning.

SBU1 have taken to accessing their iPads during Maths lessons this week, completing greater amounts of work and being supported virtually with instant feedback – safe to say iPads are a massive success in SBU1, with some of the pupils having more knowledge than some of us staff!

We have also used our iPads in English lessons, by dictating sentences before we write them to ensure our spelling is correct! Pupils are very much looking forward to ‘publishing’ their writing in next week’s blog – watch this space!”

I have been very impressed with SBU1’s attitude towards independent reading, with the view to fostering a love for reading within our classroom. Codie chose an interesting and engaging book about Optical Illusions and has been trying to trick myself and Mr Moxon all week!

In Food Technology lessons, Morgan has been working on his scissor skills! Morgan is learning to be resilient and problem solve – if the knife struggles to cut, get the scissors out! This is something I’ve even used myself at home, cutting chicken with scissors is a game changer!

During form time, we have been working on our fine motor skills as well as learning the steps to be able to tie our (or Mr Moxon’s) shoes! Just look at the colourful and beautiful shoes we have to work on!”

An update with photographs from SBU7…

“We have had a positive week in class SBU7 . All the pupils have achieved their behaviour targets of 80%. We made salt and pepper chicken this week which was Chinese takeaway standard. We also went out to the park yesterday and the lads had a good time working on their social skills.”


An update from Mr Hopkins…

“This week we saw Miss Bachelor’s and Miss Mason-Power’s classes go out exploring wild places on their John Muir award trips on beautiful autumnal days. Both classes went to Middle Black Clough Waterfall and experienced the ‘hard’ path challenge that I had set for them. It was amazing to see the teamwork and positive socialisation of both classes while they were trying to cross rivers, scramble up rocks, stand under the waterfall and slide down the water slide! It really is a pleasure to see our pupils helping each other out and communicating to each other so positively, well done everyone!


In PE this week the highlight has been watching Cody and Dawud planning and practising their PE lesson ready to deliver it today. And it was brilliant! The pair delivered a football session to a group of year 7 and 8’s and although they were a little shy at first, as the session went on their confidence grew and they smashed it! For their first time leading a sports activity session they should be very proud of themselves. Afterwards we talked about the session and gave themselves scores out of 10 on different elements and I also asked the year 7 and 8 pupils the same questions. All of them rated the overall lesson as a 10/10!! Well done Dawud and Cody and I look forward to your next lesson in 2 weeks!”

Following on from the above…


I have just had a quick ten minute break from some Ofsted training to have a conversation with Cody. Cody has been mentoring some younger students today in PE. He told me that he had to give support, advice and direction to some younger students who “were not quite getting it right.”

Well Cody – just look at your own journey here at Spring Brook. I remember speaking to you and your family just before you joined us in lockdown. You are like a completely different student now who is making the right choices, you still have little moments, however, you are accepting the help and support at school and have made huge progress to your own outcomes in your plan. I am so very proud of you also.

On that positive note, enjoy your weekend.


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