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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to all families who have celebrated the festival of light this week.

Happy Birthday today to Kyren, we suitably embarrassed you at lunchtime singing Happy Birthday to you – your Spring Brook Family hope that you have a wonderful day and night.

What a night to celebrate your birthday, Bonfire Night.

We hope that you all stay safe this weekend and enjoy Bonfire Night.

I have been very proud of both Kyren and Donovan who have sold poppies today in the rain.

Well done boys.


Class Updates:



SBU4 have begun new topics this week.

In science we have been recapping on the properties of solids, liquids and gases to begin our States of Matter topic, we made Oobleck to demonstrate how solids and liquids behave.

In PSHE this half term, we will be learning about first aid and how we can help others when they need first aid support. We have learned about Asthma this week, how to support people suffering an asthma attack and also made model lungs to demonstrate how the narrowing of the airways makes breathing difficult.



This week in SBA 2 we have been demonstrating our chopping skills. We can all slice and dice a range of fruits and vegetables safely!

We have been introduced to our new book ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and we have all made some fantastic inferences and predictions based on the front cover. 

In Mathematics this week, we have been working with units of measurement. Our class can use cm’s and m’s to measure a range of items. We have discussed Kilometres and everyone seems to think they will easily run 5 kilometres. We might set them a smaller challenge…

A fantastic week for our class, lots of gold and silver certificates and Harrison and Liam are both going to the bowling trip this afternoon as a reward for their scores this week!



It was lovely to welcome back a very excitable SBU1 after half term – and what a productive first week back they’ve had. SBU1 have engaged brilliantly across all areas of the curriculum and we look forward to seeing our learning develop over the course of the next half term – most importantly we want to find out what is in the mystery box that appeared in our classroom at some point over the half term break!



In English lessons, SBU1 are using Talk4Writing to imitate and then innovate our Model Text; Pandora’s Box, with the view to inventing their own Warning Tale.

As pupils entered the classroom after their well-deserved rest, they found our very own mystery box. Pupils have begun to make inferences and predictions regarding the box and its unknown contents. It has taken all their might not to peep inside the box (which has remained tightly shut at the back of our classroom all week!) and as we continue to analyse our Model Text, I’m sure they’ll realise that leaving the lid closed is a very good idea!

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of our ‘Cold Write’ to answer the question “What’s in the Box?” – with some pupils even using the ‘5 Finger Story’ structure that we learnt writing adventure stories last term. At the end of this term, after a lot of hard work on behalf of SBU1, our ‘Hot Write’ will be to write an imaginative, invented Warning Tale.


In Maths, SBU1 have recapped, revisited and extended their knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have been placing particular emphasis on number bonds to 10, 20 and 100; as this is key mathematical knowledge needed for more complex mathematical calculations. We particularly enjoyed ‘shooting’ chalk number bonds on the football pitch!


In History this term, SBU1 will be exploring the life and work of Annie Kenney – an Oldham-born Suffragette. A tram journey to find her statue really engaged our SBU1 historians!



This week In SBU7 some of the pupils have been selling poppies. The target is to fill at least half the tin. Donovan and Kyren also put down some poppies at the cenotaph and we had some very mature conversations about other peoples’ sacrifices.

Update from Mr Hopkins

The week before half term was such a busy one I didn’t get chance to write about it so I’ll include that today.

In PE our pupils have been working on their social skills, resilience and teamwork by learning how to rugby tackle safely. This has been fantastic with lots of respect shown for each other and some great technique!

This half term, the focus switches to coaching and communication as we focus on trampolining and developing our knowledge and technique.

Last half term we also spent some time preparing for a basketball tournament hosted by New Bridge. This was a great experience and our first competition in 2 years due to COVID restrictions!

Understandably our pupils were worried about competing and being in a tournament against lots of other schools but they coped very well and played brilliantly as a team.

They won some games and would have won more if some of our shots would just go in the basket!!! Well done to our team members.


For the John Muir Award we have had 2 groups go out to find the hidden waterfalls at Dovestones reservoir where we also had a go at some jumps, some balancing and racing up the steep hill of a reservoir!!

The weather has been fantastic and scrambling up to the waterfalls was great fun and great to see our pupils helping each other out.

We also had one group hike out around Kinder Reservoir to the bottom of Kinder Downfall where we crossed the stream multiple times and set up camp in the forest there to do some outdoors fire safety work.


All in all, it has been a busy but great few weeks and I look forward to reporting back on our trampolining development and our winter outdoor adventures!


Mr Hopkins


Wow, lots of new learning to be had this half term with new topics in all areas of the curriculum. It’s great to pop in and out of our classrooms to see so many students engaged with their learning.

States of matter in Miss Mason’s class and The Boy in the Striped Pyjama’s in Mr Roscoe’s class. Wonderful.


This week has gone quickly. As the autumn leaves fall and the days have got shorter I have enjoyed walking my dog Angus. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I wonder what you have been doing this week to keep yourself well?

As the weekend approaches I hope that you enjoy Bonfire Night but remember to stay safe.



Miss Rodgers


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