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Happy Friday, Everyone!

This Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent – just where did this year go?

This week has been jam packed here at Spring Brook. We’ve had reading assessments, swimming, yoga, making things in the workshops, Chester Zoo visit, John Muir and more.

I honestly don’t know how we fit so much into a week. I have had some really good and productive meetings with our executive team working on exciting plans for the future of our schools.

I feel supported, inspired and very motivated about the future of Spring Brook in moving our schools forward.

Mrs Mason Power has had a pleasant surprise this week in science when her class collectively did an experiment. Let’s have a look…

“I have been so impressed this week with how well SBU4 are working together. We have done lots of practical work this week and they have engaged brilliantly in a range of activities. Well done everyone.

In Science we have been learning about states of matter. This week we used skittles to demonstrate solubility and saturation by creating rainbows using different concentrations of skittles as solute and water as solvent.

In Geography we have been studying the desert environment and how animals and plants have adapted to live in the extreme environment.  We studied aloe vera this week and looked at how it survives with so little water available.”

The trip to Chester Zoo was enjoyed by all who went. There were some lovely photos on our face book page.

Mr Roscoe’s class news is here…

“SBU2 loved their trip to Chester Zoo this week! Our class was able to see lots of their favourite animals. Everybody enjoyed having their pictures taken relaxing in the baskets like an Orangutan.

In class this week we have had a real focus on reading, everybody has been really engaged with our new reading plus scheme and it’s great to see the full class improving their reading comprehension scores in such a short time. 

In Maths, we have been working on adding and subtracting lengths. SBU 2 have shown fantastic knowledge being able to measure, add and subtract a range of classroom items. 

During Food technology we made a spicy vegetable soup! Harrison, Alfie and Jack really enjoy cooking in the kitchen so we might see them on Master Chef in a few years time!

Our class are planning to create a video related to anti bullying in ICT. They have manged to plan their story so hopefully they will show great acting skills when they video it next week. 

Hopefully another great week next week. I can’t wait to see their acting skills for their video!”


Mr Hopkins, as ever, has had a great week of adventures lets see what he has to say. 

“This week we have been out and about a lot with Spring Brook Academy.

Firstly we embarked on a school trip to Chester Zoo in which I had the pleasure of accompanying Mr Roscoe’s class around the zoo. We had a great day and our group really engaged with seeing some of these animals for the first time. Strangely the highlight was actually the Butterfly House as there were some beautiful and HUGE butterflies that the class could interact with. My particular highlight was seeing Alfie have a butterfly on his cheek!!!

Well done to the class for such an awesome trip out, I learned loads so I hope you did too!


Next up was Miss Power’s class who went to explore some man-made structures for their John Muir Award. We went to visit Greenbooth reservoir which provides water for Rochdale and Scout Moor Wind Farm which generates renewable electricity for the area. It truly is amazing to stand underneath the blades of a wind turbine and always amazes me that the wind is strong enough to be able to turn the blades! A huge amount of discussion was generated about how electricity is generated, just how big the turbines are and how they are built which was great to be a part of.

Lastly Mr Stewart’s class visited the B29 ‘Overexposed’ Super Fortess crash site above Snake Pass. After the work that has been done in school over recent weeks about remembrance and conflicts it was apt that the year 9’s visited the site. They also took the poppy soldier they had made in class to place amongst the wreckage to make sure that they are never forgotten. It truly is a great experience seeing the crash site that has been there for 80 years and the class were incredibly respectful of what happened there. It prompted lots of discussions around the wars, the memorials we saw, as well as different machinery which could be seen within parts of the plane scattered around.

Well done to everyone this week, it has been a great week seeing everyone so engaged in learning different subjects.”
Mr Hopkins

As the week draws to an end we have celebrated a number of birthdays. We said happy birthday to Mrs Lyons – our cook, Mrs Young – SENCO, Miss Batchelor – Class Teacher and Mr Mayall our cleaner.

So, if you are getting ready to put up your Christmas tree, writing your Christmas list for Father Christmas, celebrating your birthday or just enjoying the winter sun…

…remember the light of advent.

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Have a lovely weekend and remember to stay safe.

Miss Rodgers

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