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Blog Time!

Today we raised money for the Toy Appeal who have supported our students over the years. We have had a non uniform day and a cake sale…

I was so excited to share my friend’s book with Miss Crossley’s class. I asked them to read it and give the author some feedback because it is her first newly published book. I was called to the class this afternoon to be overwhelmed with their book reviews and art work so we video called the author to share some feedback.

Maisy and Aleaha have agreed to help Shazia with some ideas for her new book. Shazia has agreed to come into school to work with the girls to co-write and publish a new book. Shazia’s book is called ‘The Rainbow Within’. It is about young people who are different and it offers advice to them. The girls said reading the book really helped them.

On Thursday I looked at photos that Mr Hopkins sent of the John Muir Award, they were amazing and I thought “when did school ever become so much fun?”

The answer was when you attend Spring Brook!!!

Here’s an update from Mr Hopkins himself…

“In PE recently, we have been focusing on trampolining and after learning our basic skills over the past few lessons, this week we assessed our abilities and tried to earn some British Gymnastics Trampolining Awards.

I am pleased to say that 10 Pupils have achieved their next award and have received a certificate! Well done everyone for your efforts!!

This week has been an amazing week for the John Muir Award.

Miss Batchelor’s Class went to visit and explore Alderley Edge and the wizarding myths and legends in the forest. We found the Armada Beacon, the wizards well, the witches cave, The edge, Stormy Edge and the entrance to the mines and caves underneath the only hill for miles around!!

It truly was a mysterious day and the class spent lots of time socialising together and investigating these strange surroundings!

Mr Mullins’ class spent the day hiking up to the ‘Overexposed’ plane wreck on top of Snake Pass. The temperature was 0 with a feels like of -4!! Needless to say part of the learning was about the appropriate clothing to wear to keep warm up on top of the Pennines! It was amazing to see the ice and snowdrifts on top of the hills and this provoked a lot of fun and learning about the weather and how snowdrifts form.

Once we reached the crash site the pupils were incredibly respectful and in awe of how such an accident could happen.

On both trips our pupils were also fantastic when speaking to members of the public which we encountered frequently on both days. Everyone was so polite and spoke brilliantly – well done to you all!”

Mr Hopkins

Angus came to school one day to be met with love, fuss and walks. Angus is my dog and he loved his visit.

So, as we end the week you might be busy putting up your Christmas decorations!

I would like to share with you that our classes are focusing on the parable of the good Samaritan. They have been collecting items to distribute to the homeless. More news to follow on this next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Final thought from me: “Be a good Samaritan and do a good deed. You will feel so much better.”


Miss Rodgers


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