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Spectacular Science, Amazing Adventures, Fabulous Food…

A wonderful week here at Spring Brook Upper. I have loved seeing the excitement in Mr Roscoe’s class. The students were so engrossed in their learning during science. Quinton told me in detail about animal cells. It was such a pleasure to present this class with subject awards in English, Maths, Topic and Science this week. This class made a wonderful chicken curry on Friday and the smell was making me hungry all day. They had a great adventure out with Mr Hopkins as well. Let’s have a look…

“Mr Roscoe’s class went over to Cheeseden Valley to find the hidden ruins of an old mill by the river. On the way they found an old air raid shelter for the mill workers and then successfully located the ruins that had now been taken over by nature. All of the old structures were still in place and the class had a great time exploring what the different ruins might have been used for. We did have issues with thick mud (knee deep!) to get to the ruins and poor Liam managed to lose both shoes!!!! However, we all survived to make it back for another day exploring!!”

“Miss Crossley’s class went out to Alderley Edge to follow the ‘Wizards Walk’ to see if it would change their class view that witches and wizards don’t exist. The class found some trees that had curled into unnatural shapes because they had potentially been hit by spells during the great wizard battles, they looked out across the great Cheshire plain from ‘The Edge’ where the wizards and witches kept a look out for their enemies, they crossed fallen trees to take a drink from the ‘Witches well’ and explored the cave entrances to the magical creatures’ lairs around ‘Stormy point’. At the end the class were still unsure as to the existence of wizards and witches but believed in them a bit more than they did before!”


On Tuesday and Friday the students enjoyed going to Henshall’s gym for their weekly MMA. Jasmine and Isiah have really taken to this and the coach has been very impressed.

Miss Crossley’s class have enjoyed their second week of equine therapy…

“This week has been a positive week in SBU1. We have continued to extend our knowledge of poetry by exploring rhythm and rhyme within our favourite poem; picked off our Poetree – Timmy’s Ten Pound Turd!

SBU1 started this topic by playing a rhyming loop game (it took us over 17 minutes to complete it!) we have now got our whole class ‘Rhyme Time’ down to just 2 minutes and 56 seconds!

We have listened to a wide range of poetry and used our understanding of the text to predict possible names for each poem, before matching the poem to it’s title on our Poetree.

In Maths we have continued to develop our multiplication skills, with a focus on over learning times table facts and number families to aid in our calculations. Codie is currently the one to beat – being able to recite his 3 times tables in 12 seconds!

Morgan is currently our Times Table Rockstar’s Champion – being able to answer 51 questions correctly in 3 minutes on his set times tables!

My highlight of the week was seeing Maisie and Aleah interact with the horses at their Equine Facilitated Learning Intervention on Tuesday – they were introduced to a stethoscope and took turns listening to their own heartbeats and then that of the horse in comparison. The pair took turns leading and brushing the horse, and asked many insightful questions about horses, their care and their nature.”

This week we celebrated some birthdays so Happy Birthday to: Little KB (Kayleb), Tia, Paddy, Miss Mellor and Me! We love cake at Spring Brook Upper. Mrs Culhane made cakes with Tia on Friday and Tia kindly sent some to Miss Mellor.

A BIG shout out this week to Tyreece in Miss Batchelor’s class for showing a huge improvement all round – we have noticed Tyreece so keep it up. I would also personally like to say a thank you to Marley, who early on in the week gave some good advice to another student and earned himself a tuck shop voucher.

More important than this though, and of his own accord, Marley asked to speak to me about the building. He has got lots of this he would like to discuss and next week is going to help me to write a report for our executive team and our governors entitled “Is this building fit for purpose?”

I’m really looking forward to co-writing this report and I am going to invite Marley to a meeting to present our shared findings. Student voice is so important.

A Message from Mr Southerington:

“As we draw closer to the end of the Governments ‘Plan B’, it is still not a time to become complacent.

Regular Lateral Flow testing will help us identify positive cases and act accordingly.

If your child displays ANY symptoms, please do not send your child into school, and book a PCR test.

The Main COVID-19 symptoms are:

– a high temperature

– a new cough

– a loss or change to your sence of smell or taste

The main Omicron symptoms appear to be:

– a runny nose

– headache

– fatigue (mild of severe)

– sneezing

– a sore throat

Please be aware that if you or your child has already had COVID-19, they can still be infected again with the new strain.

If your child tests positive on a Lateral Flow Test, please inform school as soon as possible on 0161 883 3431 (option 8)”

On the 27th January Mrs Powers class produced some wonderful work about the Holocaust Memorial Day.

Another Jam packed week at SBU – have a lovely weekend and enjoy the afternoons getting lighter.

Miss Rodgers

Head of Site


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