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Another Whirlwind of a Week!

Happy Friday. Wow this week has flown by. I have especially enjoyed celebrating our magic breakfast. A big thank you to Mrs Culhane for organising this. All of the students loved it. A great success!

Mr Hopkins has had a great week. In PE and outdoor education there has been fitness tests, walking in hail stones, scout huts, wind turbines and our lovely dog Watson. Let’s see what Mr Hopkins has to say…

“This past 7 days has been very busy on the PE and outdoor education front here at SBU.

In PE we have been continuing with our fitness testing period with our pupils testing their Cardiorespiratory fitness, Strength and Speed and Agility.

It’s great to see the determination and motivation to compete against themselves and each other and consistently better their own scores. I’m also pleased to say that many school records have been broken this last week, of which I’ll reveal more next week…
In our outdoor education work we have visited and explored many places with many different groups.

We visited Park Bridge in a hailstorm and explored the river, industrial works and mountain bike track.

We visited 5th Stalybridge Scout hut where we did some bouldering and challenged ourselves to climb up to the ‘crows nest’.

We visited Healey Dell to explore the river, old mill ruins, old train tracks and the fairy legends.

And we visited Scout Moor wind farm to stand under one of the wind turbines and learn about renewable energy.

We have also been out learning how to take care of dogs with Watson our school dog. Our pupils really engage with Watson as he welcomes them in on a Friday morning and we take him out to various places to walk on a Friday afternoon. 

No wonder I’m exhausted this week!! But what a great week and all of our pupils have been exceptional whether they have been out and about in public or giving 100% in PE lessons. Well done everyone.
Mr Hopkins”


“In SBU 8 we’ve had great progress in Asdan, wonderful poems, fitness and one platinum award. Well done to Kyle for an amazing week achieving the platinum award.”


“In SBU 1 – we’ve seen creative work using mod rock, practical maths, there has been learning about the trenches in WW1 and equine therapy.”

Let’s look in more detail at Miss Crossley’s class.

“SBU1 have enjoyed a range of activities this week in order to develop skills linked to their EHCP targets. In History, we have worked together to identify, name and label the parts of a WW1 trench – you can see pupils working together to build their own trench based on this knowledge. During form time, we’ve had a scissor skills competition – longest dragon wins, as judged by Mr Stewart and Miss Chappell! We saw some fantastic dance moved from Morgan, Franklin and Aleah in order to ‘buy’ more materials for their dragons!”

…and some more detail on SBU8…

“I am so, so proud of SBU8 this week. There have been WOW moments – – not just for the pupils but for me also… A reminder of why we do this job! 

Pupils have either produced their final poem or are well on the way to finishing…

‘Just my Luck’

By Kyle T

I wake up in the morning late,

Slept in, oh so great,

Got up, got dressed,

Then I stub my toe on the corner of my bed,

Oh, that’s just my luck.


I go outside and down the street,

Pop into the shop because I have no meat,

And they have none in stock, oh great.

I leave the shop, peevish, pained and peaky,

I look to my left and see something strange,

My loyal car is being driven away.

Oh, that’s just my luck.


I arrive at work, wintry and delayed,

I talk to my boss, whom I loathe,

And he tells me I’m fired.

Soon after, I walk out, depressed and fatigued,

My life is burning on a pyre,

I don’t see how this day can get dingier,

Oh, this all just my luck!


I go home, turn on TV,

I tune into the Lottery,

I have a scratch-off card, I’ll probably lose,

Later I’ll go out for some booze,

Maybe something strong like steel,

A6 Z78, oh hang on wait

That’s the code on my card!

I just won the Lottery, cha-ching!

Oh, this is just my luck!


Wait… it’s only for £100…? Great.

‘The Memory Store’

By Donovan JB


There was a cheerful man named John,

Who had a wonderful wife and kids,

But what John didn’t know,

His world was about to come crashing in,

Later that day John went for a drive,

Little did John know this would cost him his life,


John was speeding disregarding the stop signs,

He was driving as fast as cheetah,

Next thing he heard was whack,

John couldn’t see, every thing had gone dark,

At that moment John knew that he had died,

Then he did something, he opened his eyes,


When he opened his eyes this is all he saw,

Where isles on isles of DVDs,

John was in the after death DVD store,

He undid one of the DVDs and boom,

John felt like he was in a vivid dream,

He saw his mother and father giving out gifts,

This was his eighth birthday party,


John was confused at what was going on,

But then suddenly strike, he was back in the DVD store,

John had now realised that all the DVDs in this store,

Were memories from his past,

All his memories were in DVDs,

And there were hundreds of isles in this store,

All at once he opened 10 DVDs,

All of these were his memories,

He saw his wife and kids at home all alone,

This made John miserable he tried to talk,

But no words came out this is John realised his time was up,

He exited the store tears in his eyes,


This is when John started pleading for his life back,

He sat there for hours with no answer,

But a shining light appeared,

The light said ”John I’ll give you one more chance”,

“But you have too promise you won’t waste your life again.”

John excitedly agreed to this deal,


Next thing John knew,

He was bloody and bruised but still alive,

In his wrecked car once again.

They have worked incredibly hard, not just in Literacy but across all subjects. Numeracy saw us persevering with higher level work in fractions and mixed numbers. There were testing moments but the way the class handled this aspect of their learning, self-regulating and showing the determination to complete the work demonstrates the progress both academically and emotionally. Not only this, but they are now initiating conversations about their future, talking plans, hopes, aspirations and what steps need to be taken. 

Elsewhere, we have investigated different types of diet as we work toward building up our portfolio for our ASDAN food award.  

The pupils have also pushed themselves physically in PE with a range of fitness tests. They certainly deserve the rest this weekend. 

A special mention to Kyle who achieved 100% this week and securing the platinum award!  

Well done ‘Tuppers’ and congratulations.”


Another whirl wind of a week at Spring Brook.

Have a great weekend everyone. One more week until half term.

Take care

Miss Rodgers and the team at Spring Brook


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