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And Breathe…

Happy Half Term Everyone!

This week at Spring Brook Upper we have celebrated some very special birthdays. Mr Bocking and Mr Heaton had landmark birthdays. We have also wished Mr Coldwell and Mrs Culhane happy birthday too.

We also wish those who have a birthday in half term a very happy birthday too: Cody W, Lewis M, Kyle, Harrison and Quinton.

Mr Hopkins has had a very good week. I love the photos but especially this week I have smiled at the photos of Dawud and Tyron on their adventures. A big shout out to Kyren for his weight lifting also.

“The last week in PE and Outdoor Ed has been brilliant at Spring Brook.

Many school records and personal bests have been smashed in the muscular endurance challenges during PE lessons. In these lessons we target particular sets of muscles in the body and see how long they can last for during an exercise. Some of the exercises we use to measure this are: plank, wall sit, back hold, battle ropes, slam balls and 3 mins on the exercise bike.

We also see how resilient our pupils are during these challenges as it becomes very easy to just give up and the main message is to hang in there and perform your absolute best – even when it’s hurting!

I’ll give more of an update on results after the half term holidays after I’ve collated them but all of our pupils should be very proud of themselves!

We’ve also had a couple of students having a go at some Olympic weightlifting skills during lunch and break times. Kyren has been learning the technique for a ‘clean’ in preparation for the ‘clean and jerk’ and has really smashed the technique ready to move on to the next stage. 


For the John Muir Award Miss Power’s class explored Crompton Moor and the reservoir and forest on top of the moor while Mr Stewart’s class went to what Google describes as a ‘deep, dank, chasm’!

This was Luds Church in Staffordshire and it truly is an amazing experience to scramble through the huge crack in the earth and see the amazing colours of the vegetation!

It is just like being in a South American country rather than a windy and rainy England!

It has been a great half term here and I’m looking forward to what the run up to Easter brings as our pupils try out different sports in PE and seeing what the countryside looks like in spring time.
Have a great holiday.”

Mr Hopkins

Mrs Culhane has enjoyed her week in SBU 7 – great work boys! 

“SBU 7 have had a busy week, we have made valentines cards and painted wooden hearts for people we love and care for.

We would like to welcome Bayley to SBU7, he is settling in well.”

We’ve had trips to the Museum of Science and Industry and the war museum.

“We have had a fab week at SBU 3. We took a trip to the Science and Industry museum and cooked some tasty treats in Food Tech. We also wrote some fantastic shape poems using similes and metaphors in English. A relaxing week off has been well earned!”

I loved the poetry in Miss Batchelor’s class. The poem about the eye was especially good.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff here at SBU for all of their hard work and dedication this half term. Please enjoy your week with family and friends, have a good rest everyone.

We return to school on Monday 28th February at 9am, until then, stay safe.

Miss Rodgers

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