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Out and About with Mr Hopkins (2.12.22)

Alderley Edge

Miss Waterhouse’s and Miss Young’s classes have visited Alderley edge to explore the myths and legends of witches, wizards and magic in the area. Mr Hopkins provided a tour of ‘The Edge’ showing the pupils the evidence of the wizard battles and tunnels through the ages such as the stone monster, the spell twisted trees, the stone wizard, a drink from the witches well – where does that water come from? and the entrance to the wizard’s tunnels. The pupils then gave their own opinions on whether or not they believe that wizards and magic did exist or not. I think we ended up with a 50-50 split on the debate.

Knowl Hill

Miss Bachelor’s class visited Knowl Hill wind farm for the experience of standing under a wind turbine. First the challenge is to walk past a reservoir and up a steep hill to get there. Once there the wind turbine’s are HUGE! It is quite an amazing feeling to see how an increasing amount of our energy in Britain is made by the power of the wind. Also great to see the huge reservoirs where we all get our water from – a truly interesting and renewable day!


Plane Crash Site

Our year 9’s braved the wind and cold to trek up to the top of Snake pass and discover the wreckage of the B29 superfortress ‘Overexposed’ that crashed into the hill in 1948. Unbelievably the wreckage is still there and spread over a huge area. Because of remembrance there are many wreaths and monuments for the fallen and it is quite an emotional place. The classes were superb and the reality of war and tragedy was brought home and some great conversations were had. Of course on the trek we managed to also have some fun as the pupils found some tunnels in the peat to disappear into!!

Stone Mines

Miss Crossley’s class went out to explore an old quarry which had some incredible scenery in the Bolton hills. Mr Hopkins also had a surprise for them as he secretly directed them to a large hole in the quarry wall. This hole obviously needed to be explored and so in they went and it turned out to be a huge stone mine! We spent quite some time exploring all of the nooks and crannies in the pitch black but couldn’t find any treasure!


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