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Transition #2

Transition #2 The second visit for the pupils joining us from Spring Brook Lower School took place last week with great success! We split into 2 groups and 1 group joined the year 9 catering pathway in the food tech room to make chocolate crispy cakes while the other...

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Fantastic Feedback!

Fantastic Feedback! We've had some great feedback this week for our year 9 pupils who are currently attending Motor Vehicle Training every Tuesday. It is a long course of 18 weeks that is full of theory and practical elements, gaining each pupil a motor vehicle...

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Conservation Project

Conservation Project   On Tuesday, Miss Crossley's class went over to Longdendale environmental centre to do some conservation work with the Longdendale Rangers.   2 years ago some of our students dug a ditch under a footpath to stop it flooding and then rebuilt...

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Year 6 transition from SBL to SBU

Year 6 Transition from SBL to SBU   This week saw some of the year 6's from Spring Brook Lower School begin their transition up to Spring Brook Upper School. It was a great success with the pupils having a tour around the school and meeting lots of pupils from Spring...

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Hope Tunnel

Hope Tunnel This was a real test of resilience, fear and teamwork for Miss Crossley's class for their John Muir Award trip. We went out to explore the Hope Woodland on Snake Pass from a very different angle! Firstly we had to cross the river to get into a very dark...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week It's Mental Health Awareness Week next week. In our assemblies, we're going through some tips on how we can take better care of our mental health. For this week's blog, we though that sharing it with you could be a good idea, to help us...

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The Power of Sports

The Power of Sports   Each week, our students have the opportunity to suggest videos that resonate with them, for our end of week assemblies. This week, SBU6 selected a video about the power of sports...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh8YoIGEojk​  It's...

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Out and About with Mr Hopkins… (28th April 2023)

Out and About with Mr Hopkins... (28th April 2023) Clifton Country Park Our community living pathway students have been exploring their local area every week since September to help them understand the local community better and know about local community facilities...

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Out and About with Mr Hopkins

Out and About with Mr Hopkins "Finally, after a half term of not being outside, I have recovered enough from a knee operation to get Spring Brook Upper back into the outdoors for their John Muir Award! Our year 9's travelled out into deepest darkest Staffordshire for...

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