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“There should be no such thing as boring mathematics.”

Edsger Dijkstra


At Spring Brook Upper, we teach maths creatively, incorporating the use of concrete manipulatives to help our young people understand abstract concepts and apply them to their learning.

It is our aim across the Secondary phase to expertly match the National Curriculum with individual need, rather than teaching from a specific year group.

Through a combination of innovative teaching tools, carefully tailored interventions and the use of ‘real world’ applications, we aim for our young people to achieve the highest level of functional maths that matches their ability.

At every stage, we want to raise the confidence of our learners.


Innovative Teaching Tools – We use sensory play as an effective tool in teaching mathematics, both at introductory level and for the consolidation of skills and learning.


Carefully Tailored Interventions – Our highly skilled and experienced staff teams offer carefully tailored interventions for our young people, helping them to understand abstract concepts and explore how to apply new skills to their learning.


‘Real World’ Applications – We aim to give our children mathematics skills that they can use in their everyday lives, whilst at Spring Brook Upper, and when they leave. We regularly help them apply their newly learned skills in ‘real world’ scenarios.


Maths Lessons at Spring Brook Upper

Our Maths lessons are delivered daily, tailored to the needs of our learners.

Teaching is delivered by our highly skilled staff, using a blend of experience and knowledge, supported by the purposeful use of technology.

Our use of technology, right across the Secondary stage in Maths, makes learning accessible for all, as iPads and other technology mean that all children can engage with their learning.

At Spring Brook Upper, we believe in the use of technology to remove barriers to learning.



Scheme of Work

Teachers follow the White Rose Schemes of work, with each class following blocks and topics of learning, differentiated accordingly.

You can learn more about the White Rose Scheme of work here:

White Rose Maths



Intent, Implementation and Impact

More details on the intent, implementation and impact of our Maths Curriculum can be viewed by following this link:

Spring Brook Upper Maths Curriculum Intent



We assess the children and group them so they are accessing learning at an appropriate level.

In Maths we assess 2 main areas which are; Number and Geometry.

Our Assessment Tool is Dashboard, which breaks down learning into small, accessible and achievable steps. 




To support our learners, we use a range of apps and technology, such as:

Top Marks
BBC Bitesize 



Spring Brook Upper School
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