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Spring Brook School joined the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust on 1st December 2016 and became Spring Brook Academy.

The report on our 2019 inspection is available on the Ofsted website here.


Parents can complete a survey to pass their views to Ofsted at any time, not just during an inspection. Please click the link below to Ofsted’s secure Parent View site to either register or log in and complete the questionnaire:

Parent View – Give Ofsted your view on your child’s school.


From the Ofsted Inspection Handbook on Specialist Settings:

253. All parts of the EIF apply to special schools, PRUs and other alternative provision in free schools and academies. In special schools, the curriculum may be very specialised. For this reason, in special schools, deep dive areas may not be traditional subject areas. The lead inspector will seek to understand the school’s curriculum during the initial phone call with the headteacher. Once the lead inspector has understood the school’s curriculum design, the areas for a deep dive will be agreed. These may include national curriculum subjects, may derive from the 4 broad areas of need (for example, communication and interaction or physical development), may be a curriculum area very specific to that school or may be combination of these examples. Inspectors will work closely with leaders and staff to understand how the curriculum area they are looking at is designed and implemented to meet the needs of pupils in the school. Inspectors will evaluate whether pupils’ outcomes are improving as a result of the curriculum.

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Spring Brook Upper School
Dean Street, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 0DQ

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M-F: 8:50am – 3:00pm

Compulsory Time Open: 31.25 hours

Weekends: Closed

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0161 883 3431